Second day of school in London!

I folded his sleeves for him today because it seeems so much more comfortable than going around with long sleeves. He was happy to be in school and I saw him scooping sand when I left.

He told me that there was pear for morning snack and he didn’t eat it because he doesn’t like pears. There was a story reading time and lunch is always served after story reading time. Lunch was rice, veggies (with corn) and cake but he didn’t eat all his veggies and he didn’t eat cake. There is always play time after lunch. There was math today but they are not required to do any writing, just speaking.

We take about 15 minutes to walk from hall to his school. His scooter arrived this afternoon so we’re going to try scooting to school and I hope that shaves at least 5 minutes from our walking time.

First day of school in London!

T is off to school today! He will have tons to learn, starting from dressing himself, because he does not know how to button his shirt and he does not know how to hook his pants … yet. School hours are slightly shorter for him this week because its his first week. It’ll be 9.00am – 3.30pm from next week onwards, with lunch served in school in the middle of the day.

When I arrived to pick him up on the first day, he was playing on a computer with two other classmates. Teacher said that T adapted well and started to make friends already, so she offered to let him stay for lunch. A classmate was holding his hand to walk into the dining hall together. He did well at lunch too, had macaroni and pudding. So for his second day of school, the teacher offered to let him stay for the full day already. Yohoo, if he’s on full day tomorrow, that means I can go to my own school and participate in some orientation activities.


We went shopping for T’s school uniforms yesterday and at the end of the main shopping street (Oxford Street), we found a Korean eatery aptly named Kimchee! Our shopping companion liked the spicy kimchee soup while I liked T’s beef rice. The kimchi soup came with spaghetti instead of ramen, hahaa …. We want to try their pancakes and bibimbabs the next time we visit =)

Coram’s Fields

We’re staying right next to Coram’s Fields, which is a playground and park for children in London. We can’t wait for K to arrive in London to bring him here to play! T had a swell time chasing birds in the park today. He has this theory (which is of course not true) that if you creep really quietly behind the birds, they will not know you’re there and they will not fly away. Fotor0910205214


First three days in London

Our first three days was rather hectic trying to settle into our accommodation (lots of things to buy!), register for a primary school (done, whew!), register with a GP, register for a library card, enroll into the university, checking out the after school care etc. There’s still some things left to do like buying school uniforms and signing up for a bank account, but majority of the things that I have to do to settle into London is largely done.

I’ve been so efficient really because T was very well behaved. He followed me everywhere and complained only occasionally about being tired (I ended up having to carry him a lot) because we were walking such long distances everyday. Oh yes, he’s also constantly hungry so I keep having to feed him many times a day!  

Double Studio at International Hall

Our flat at Connaught Hall is not ready yet, so the university is temporarily housing us at a double studio at International Hall. The double studio is tiny, but the queen sized bed is retractable so we do get a little bit more space in the day time. The double studio comes with a small kitchen area (cabinets, sink, microwave, fridge, no pots/pans/cutlery) and a toilet.

I like this hall very much as it’s really family-friendly (many children live in this hall, children eat for half price at the dining hall, children’s park is just across the road, after school care is just across the road) so I’m applying to the university to transfer mee to this hall permanently when a larger flat is available here.

13 hour flight


This is the longest flight T has taken in his life. He did very well on the flight cos he slept 8 whole hours on my lap! The rest of the 5 hours was rather messy as he wet himself, I split apple juice over him/me, he puked apple juice, he was sneezing non stop etc. But all in all, I would say its still a rather good flight because he slept so many hours =)

Bye Singapore!

For the last afternoon that me and T are spending in Singapore, we took a walk out for lunch under the HOT sun … simply because we won’t be able to experience weather like that for a very long time. We’re going to say hello to London’s cloudy, misty, foggy, rainy and grey weather in just a few hours time!

Canon Powershot S200


Yeah, I got myself a new camera at Comex last week! It’s still a Canon like my last two compacy cameras but I’ve switched from Ixus to Powershot. So far the pictures on the Canon Powershot S200 are turning out sharp and nice. I’ve not played with any of the manual features yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that this new camera will last me more than 2 years (previous cameras have all lasted between 1.5 years – 2 years) …

Meals @ Home

I have limited cooking skills but I’ve been putting in effort to prep dinner 2 – 3 times a week. Dinner is usually pasta or noodles because we still do NOT own a rice cooker yet. I’ve also been experimenting with replacing store-bought frozen food like pop corn chicken, nuggets and burger patties with home-made versions. It’s a hit and miss with these, but I guess I’ll be able to experiment more in London since eating out in London will cost me a bomb!


Eating Sep 14
No work for me this week and no school for T this week because we’re supposed to have flown off … except that we didn’t. We’re eating at hawker centres a lot to catch up on what we’ll miss for the next 12 months, hahaaa. T likes his local food so he’ll definitely miss his chicken rice, char siew rice, lo mai kai, etc (probably more than me)!

Two contrasting meet ups

It’s a really last minute decision, but I decided to push back my London departure date by a week. This means more time to meet up with friends! Today’s meet up was really calm and peaceful even though there were three children involved. The two baby girls were so well behaved and hardly fussed in two hours!!! T amused himself with toy cars and ate a quiet lunch w/out bothering any of the mummies =)

1 Sep 14 

In contrast, at our last meet up involving ALL the boys, it was quite a riot. We couldn’t really get the boys to sit still for a picture until the TV was switched on. The boys were noisy at dinner and kept us mummies going back/forth the dining table. T was also clinging to me for dear life at that meet up because he was so scared of the dog at the host’s house!

5 Apr 14

Big news of the day

Big Cut
Big news of the day … T has a big cut on the lip. He injured himself while he was trying to jump off a chair with four wheels. How stupid can he get? He promised not to do it again. I also reminded him many times not to put his fingers into his mouth over the next few days because he might introduce bacteria into the open wound and get himself sick.

The photos are of a poor resolution cos my camera died on me yesterday! Lens were already wonky for a while and I was kind of waiting it to die so that I can get a new camera before I go to London. I work my compact cameras very hard so they usually last me only 1.5 years to 2 years. Wondering if I should get a non Canon camera next and test how long another brand’s compact camera can last.

Happy 5th Birthday!

Birthday 24 August 2014
T won’t be able to celebrate his 5th birthday with his family because we’ll be away by then. So we decided to celebrate it for him a month earlier. He was mighty happy about the whole celebration! He loved the lunch box that he received from his grandmother … although that became an object of jealousy that made K cry. 


Together 19 Aug 14
Father and son spent another day bonding with each other. KL has a few days of break from school/hospital so he brought T out on Tuesday. Little boy was so happy to be able to skip school and hang around with his father (breakfast, swim, lunch, mall).

Connaught Hall

Whew, seven more days to my departure and I FINALLY secured my accommodation. I didn’t even apply for this Hall in the first place … because there are carpets in the rooms and I absolutely can’t stand carpets! So it was quite a shocker when the offer came through email.

I took 2 days to really convince myself that I can accept the carpets. And that was after I considered that the location is great, rent is cheap (for the location at least) and it’s only for 1 year. But what really sealed the deal was when I discovered there’s a Chatime outlet just 500m away! That’s such a frivolous decision breaker but now I won’t be missing bubble tea at all when I’m London =)

After that accommodation is settled, I’ll have to quickly find a primary school for T. My school is 2km away from the Hall and I’ll try to get him into a school that’s also within 1 – 2km from the Hall. If it all works out, we’ll be walking everyday and there’s no need to spend money on public transport in London.

“UK Houses”

Was sharing with T today that we might be very busy in our first few days in London going around to seek accommodation as I haven’t found a house yet. He offered me a solution: “You (instructing me) just go (to Google) and type UK Houses, then I help you to find it”. OMG, I burst out laughing! If only it was as simple as that …

About half an hour later, he told me that he’ll try to find us a house that “looks like a hotel” and that comes “with two beds”. He’s so sweet … and naive!

Two more weeks!

Boys have two more weeks to play together with each other before me and T fly off to London. I have NOT found my accommodation yet, so I guess the first few days in London will be rather hectic looking for a place to stay. K cried in the car journey to the park just now … when we discussed how we’re not going to see each other for three months and can only Skype with each other. With the remaining time left in Singapore, I’ve gotta bring the boys out to enjoy as much sunshine as possible!

Happy 18 Aug 14

Happy 18 Aug 14 (2) 

Port of Lost Wonder

Port 1 Port 2 Port 3 Port 4
Today’s our second time visiting the Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa. Boys enjoyed themselves a lot. K was super happy to play with the company we had today. T was super happy to be snacking on a wide variety of food that the adults brought along. I had to encourage him so many times to leave the table to go and play, if not he’ll be parked permanently at the picnic table eating to his heart’s content.

K had an allergic reaction to the Calbee potato chips because it contained milk solids (some types of potato chips do, some don’t). He had hives around the mouth and neck. He took a super long cold shower and the hives were gone in about an hour.

Lower Primary Sports Day

Sports Day 8 Aug 14
K’s school organized a sports day for the lower primary students on Friday. The P1 students participated in an obstacle course and the school was nice enough to award medals to most of them. K received a shiny medal and he’s mighty happy about the first medal he’s obtained in his life!

I love us!

Dinner 8 Aug 14
Ever since K has learnt to travel by train on his own to the grandparents’ place, he has been going there on Fridays straight after school ends. Today’s another Friday where it’s just the three of us. And whenever it’s just the three of us, we’ll ALWAYS end up bringing T to eat penne because that’s like his favourite food in the world (for now). I super duper like the strawberry cream cheese dessert pizza that Pastamania serves. It’s crumbly and sweet and nice!

Science Centre on 2 Aug 14

Science Centre 2 Aug 14
We brought 婆婆 with us when we visited the Science Centre over the weekend. It’s her first time visiting the Science Centre. The boys wanted to bring her to the treehouse, but both chickened out in following her up the treehouse because they were afraid of seeing snakes there.

Science Centre on 26 Jul 14

The water works at the Singapore Science Centre has reopened after months of restoration works. The place looks almost the same, save for a few pieces of new play things. Boys were happy to be out today to play with water and to play with each other. They’re going to miss each other so much when half of the family goes to London!

Finally … sunshine!

I was sick for a few days this week. While I still managed to get myself to work … I totally didn’t have the energy to bring the boys out to swim/play after work. I was well enough by Friday and finally, we went out for some much needed sunshine!

Fotor072681855 Fotor072682032

Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony 2014
The schools in Singapore celebrated Racial Harmony Day on Monday. Boys wore costumes from their past year’s concert performances. K’s costume is definitely a Malay costume, while T’s costume looks cheena so I would conclude that it’s a Chinese costume!

K was given a set of hand made five stones (his school is always giving them freebies) which we had fun throwing around but not succeeding in completing the game =)