Science Centre on 26 Jul 14

The water works at the Singapore Science Centre has reopened after months of restoration works. The place looks almost the same, save for a few pieces of new play things. Boys were happy to be out today to play with water and to play with each other. They’re going to miss each other so much when half of the family goes to London!

Finally … sunshine!

I was sick for a few days this week. While I still managed to get myself to work … I totally didn’t have the energy to bring the boys out to swim/play after work. I was well enough by Friday and finally, we went out for some much needed sunshine!

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Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony 2014
The schools in Singapore celebrated Racial Harmony Day on Monday. Boys wore costumes from their past year’s concert performances. K’s costume is definitely a Malay costume, while T’s costume looks cheena so I would conclude that it’s a Chinese costume!

K was given a set of hand made five stones (his school is always giving them freebies) which we had fun throwing around but not succeeding in completing the game =)

Baby C!

Chikako 16 Jul 14
Baby C is a regular on our weekly swim date. She’s always very well behaved and cheerful while watching the older boys swim. Today, T played with her …. allowing her to touch his hair/eyes/face/swimsuit and even allowing her to sit on him. Wow, that’s a first for him cos he rarely plays with babies so well! And Baby C looks super happy in all of the pictures =)

Get Well … Soon!

11 Jul 14
T was sick last Friday. I picked him up at noon time to see the doc for a child sick MC. I’m not a medicine kind of parent so I refused to get any medicine from the doc, and just brought him home to rest. All in all, he vomited thrice, napped multiple times in the day and was super lethargic. However, lots of fluid + one day later, he was on the road to recovery. He went out to play by Saturday evening and went to school all normal today (yakking non stop beside me now). Children do recover very fast, don’t they?


11 Jul 14 (2)
Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our elderly folks at home. 公公 is warded yet again, this time to check his stomach. 爷爷 received a cancer diagnosis last Friday, and is due to go for further scans now to find out the severity of the cancer.

Playground on 8 Jul 14

8 Jul 14 Playground
T had swollen eyes (left side is visibly more swollen than right side) when I picked him up in school today. He said that it’s because he “rubbed his eyes”, but it looks suspiciously like an allergic reaction to me. I’ve gotta ask his teachers what happened or what he ate today.

See Inside Inventions

NOQ Blog 1
I’ve not been buying books for the boys lately because we go to the library so often. But flip-the-flap books are something you don’t usually find at the library (or even if you do, the condition of the book may not be great). This week, we started reading Usborne’s “See Inside Inventions” and it was quite a fun read. They were eager to flip the flaps and I myself learnt a lot from reading the book to them. The boys’ favourite page was about crazy contraptions. It’s morbid but they were especially interested in the man who died from jumping off the Eiffel Tower in a parachute suit.

NOQ Blog 2

The book was purchased on NoQ store. What I liked best about the store was their range of cheap books! If I have known about this site earlier, I would definitely have gotten the first three myself, except that these are already on home bookshelf for quite a while. I’m slightly tempted to get the Frozen book because it’s less than $5 and I’ve not watched the show before … I need to see what the hype is about, hahaa …

*** This is a sponsored post. NoQ store offered me a book voucher in exchange for a review. They are also offering all readers of my blog a 15% discount on your purchases when you use the code JANEEEEE at checkout. The discount code is valid from 30 June to 31 October 2014. So go ahead and click away! ***

Back to school!

4 Jul 14
Back to school this week, yeah! We didn’t have any major problems switching from a “holiday mode” back to the “school mode”, so double yeah! T is very chatty nowadays. He likes to tell me stories he’s heard from his school friends. So and so went to Korea (you have to take an airplane, night turn to day and you’ll reach), so and so went to Legoland (can we go also), yadda yadda yadda …

Coffee in school?

For two hours on Thursday evening, T could not stop talking. He yakked and yakked non stop. We were so irked that we asked what happened in school. Did the school feed him coffee? You know what he said? He said YES. Of course I know they didn’t, so I asked him how coffee looked like. he said it “looks like milo”. Hahaa, anyway he continued to insist that he drank coffee … on Wednesday in school. He’s really a very funny person.

Ridiculous question

T: Do you want to sell this house and buy another house with a TV? And then pay money for Cartoon Network?
J: Oh course not! This is a ridiculous question.
(Silence for a few seconds)
T: Do you want to buy another house with no TV?
(T suddenly burst out crying after seeing the look on my face!)

Finger spacing

T likes to ask me language-related questions. These few days, he’s been asking if certain words needed finger spacing (for example “mama” or “ma ma” and “thank you” or “thankyou”). These are easy to answer but difficult to explain. It’s good that he’s so interested in the English language, cos I certainly don’t remember K asking questions like that before he turned 5.


I’ll be going to London in September for a 1 year full time MA program. I’ll be bringing T along with me when I start the program. KL and K will be joining us only in December. There’s less than 3 months to the departure date but there’s tons of things I’ve NOT settled yet, like visas, accommodation, air tickets, primary school arrangements, after school care arrangements, insurance, getting a new laptop etc etc etc …

Reflections at Bukit Chandu

21 Jun 14 Bukit Chandu
We were at Reflections @ Bukit Chandu this morning. It’s a really small museum that focuses on several decisive battles prior to the British surrendering Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942. The boys walked out of a 15 minute multimedia show because they were frightened by the explosions that were re-enacted for the Bukit Chandu battle. T was slightly pale when he walked out. All in all, we spent only about 1/2 hour at the museum because we didn’t finish the show.

Right outside Reflections is the Southern Ridges‘ Canopy Walk. Unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance today. The views are quite nice and it’s not a difficult walk because it’s only 300m long. T has never been on it before, so I might just bring the boys back another day for the walk + museum again (see if they’re able to sit through the same show).

Swimdate on 17 Jun 14

17 Jun 14 Swimdate
K and two of his pre-school friends are attending a science camp together these two weeks. He’s been going over to one of his friend’s place to play after the camp everyday and these boys just can’t seem to get tired of each other’s company!


June 2014
T had a lot more nosebleeds this month. In fact, there were two this week already. All because we’re switching on the air-conditioner regularly when putting the boys to sleep (it can get so warm at night!) and air-conditioning does increases the risk of nosebleeds in children. T doesn’t fuss when he gets a nosebleed in the middle of the night (I’m wondering if he’s even aware that he’s bleeding) … but we’ll always end up with a lot of laundry when that happens (clothes, blankets, etc).

Happy Father’s Day!

15 Jun 14 Father's Day
We gathered at the grandparents’ place for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s an important day as we get to honour the most important men in our lives! T was eagerly sitting in front of the cake so that he can blow the candle out. He was also eagerly helping me to distribute the cake, even though he couldn’t eat it.

Major achievements

At 7 years and 2 months old, K traveled on the MRT on his own this week! He got lost on Monday (took the wrong direction, had the good sense to alight and change sides) and got it right on Tuesday. He’s already super familiar with taking a public bus from school to home … having done it on his own every day since January to May. Now he’ll need more training on the MRT and within three months, I hope to be able to get him to travel from his primary school to his grandparents’ place by himself — six train stations away, involves one transfer, involves crossing one traffic light and walking across one carpark.

At 4 years and 9 months old, T read a book on his own today! It’s a 32 page book that has about 5 – 15 words per page.  Nobody has read it to him before and he’s seeing the book for the first time today. Am super proud that he took only about 5 minute plus to read it out to me (with less than 10 words needing my help to pronounce). As compared to his big brother, T’s reading abilities are about 2 years ahead of his big brother =)

Peach coloured nails

Story recounted by Por Por …

K: Por Por, what’s that on your nails?
P: Nail polish. So kind of Auntie Jenny to give me a treat, it’s $40 or more.
K: So expensive … [pause] … it’s so ugly. Peach colour is nicer.
P: What’s peach colour?
[K took out his shoes, showed Por Por his nails. Por Por realized he meant original nail without colours, hahaa!]

What’s up?

As K used to go to childcare, we’ve never had a one-month break from school before, until now. For the first week of June, he has already spent four days with me and will be heading to his grandma’s house for the next three days. For the second and third weeks of June, he’ll be attending a 9am – 5pm science camp in his school. For the final week of June, I’ll probably take leave again to spend more time with him. Then it’s back to school in July!

2 June 2014 3 June 2014 4 June 2014  5 June 2014

Don’t want to dream

T: Tomorrow I want to wake up early.

Me: Why?

T: I want to wake up early everyday (starts getting emotional).

Me: Why? You must tell me why first.

T: Because I don’t want to dream (starts to cry).

Me: Why?

Conversation doesn’t proceed very well after that …. he’s crying and cannot describe what he dreamed of. I asked him so many questions but couldn’t get any answers. After that, I told all the good dreams to come to him. Things like pasta, rainbows, going to the museum, puzzles, pasta and more pasta.


Swimdate on 28 May 14

Swim 28 May 14
Today we met a super duper cute 6-year-old girl on our swimdate. She’s athletic (learnt how to swim all by herself … wants to learn karate next), can speak three languages, loves robots and superheros! The boys had so much fun playing with her today that we arranged to meet up next week again if the weather is nice. That’ll be our first swimdate for the June holidays!