School carol service

The boys attend a state-funded (meaning that education is provided without any charge) faith school that is attached to the Church of England. Their school is located right across the road from St Alban the Martyr’s church, which is where the school carol service was held today. I sent recordings to the grandparents and they commented that the carols were very nice and soothing!

Christmas is in the air!

The boys have been celebrating Christmas the entire week in school. On Tuesday and Thursday, they had Christmas parties with a magician and Santa Claus. On Wednesday, they had a Christmas lunch. On Friday, they sang at a carol service for parents. They also received tons of Christmas cards from their classmates … I didn’t know it was a tradition for children to exchange cards here. These are some of the lovely decoration I spotted in their school this week …

FotorCreatedXmas FotorCreatedXmas1

Cheena Monday

Chinatown is always fun to visit! While the boys were in school today, I met KL in Chinatown for lunch. I wanted to bring him to eat Four Seasons Duck, but the Singaporean in him opted for a Chinese buffet lunch instead! He was very happy after the meal =) I was very happy after I washed down the meal with a large cup of milk tea with jelly!

Boys had treats from Chinatown too …. K had 油条 with porridge for dinner, T has a  豆沙包 for supper tonight, and KL has a large slab of pandan cake for breakfast tomorrow. It’s a totally cheena Monday!


There was more than 2 hours of sunshine yesterday and we hit the playground just outside out the Imperial War Museum.

The boys played for a long time outdoors while KL browsed the exhibitions inside. He’s not covered everything that he wants to see yet, even though it’s his second time here. We’ll definitely be back again on another sunny day for him to finish up and for the boys to play outdoors.

Seoul Bakery

Seoul Bakery is a cheap and popular Korean eatery that’s quite near where we live. It’s so tiny (whole eatery sits only 13 customers at a time) that you’ll definitely end up queuing no matter what time of the day you visit. We went at an off peak hour and queued about 30 minutes before we got our table. The food tasted good to me because I have a soft spot for Korean food, plus I was sooooo hungry after all that queuing. K ate half of my vegetable bibimbap, but because he doesn’t eat spicy sauce, he mixed everything up with soy sauce and said it tasted yummy!

Handmade cards

The sentimental member of our family drew handmade Christmas cards for everyone! Mine had a straw for drinking water and presents under the Christmas tree. KL had a Lightning McQueen picture. T was reminded to be a good boy and “not to disturb people (meaning me and KL) when they need to do something”.


On our Sunday date, we had lunch at a Polish restaurant at Elephant & Castle. I ordered potato dumplings and they weren’t what I expected. I saw a lot of animal symbols accompanying the dish but when it arrived, it was totally carbs and salad. I realized that I picked the wrong accompanying side. The meaty dish that KL had was much nicer. Still, it’s always a good experience to try out new food!

Imperial War Museum

My mum is back in London for two more days before she goes back to Singapore for good. KL and me took the chance to go for a date (our one and only date for many months to come) to the Imperial War Museum. We spent 3.5 hours at the museum but only covered two exhibits. The WWI exhibit was particularly impressive and it’s definitely worth a visit for any history buff. We’ll probably bring the boys here on another weekend to cover the rest of the museum.

Hello Papa Loon!

KL finally arrived in London this week! He’s been a great help with the boys and in our first weekend together as a family, we headed to the Natural History Museum and London Science Museum. We checked out the usual exhibits that T likes and also had the usual strawberry ice cream that T likes. He’s such a creature of habit …

Bread Street Kitchen

We had lunch with the family at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen over the weekend. The food was pricey but really yummy. The crispy duck and watercress salad was my favourite dish that day! T couldn’t stop eating even after we were all done with our meal. He was just stuffing himself with bread, macaroni and cheese, chips, dessert throughout the entire meal!

PS: Thanks for the treat, Jennie!


Paddington was released in UK cinemas on 28 November 2014, and we quite lucky to get tickets for a children’s screening over the weekend. The movie was too childish for my liking, but the boys enjoyed it. After the movie, we went over to the Museum of London to check out their Paddington exhibition and the boys came home with a Paddington poster, bookmark and stickers.

Happy Birthday Gong Gong!

It’s my dad’s birthday today! My brother and cousin had a little celebration for him. As always, my birthday wish for him is to stay healthy. Less infections and less vacations at SGH for the next 365 days …
On the other side of the world, we had dinner at Little Bay Farringdon Restaurant which is a nearby restaurant that I like. My mum totally didn’t enjoy the dinner though …. because she was so affected by the temper that T threw (about wanting to eat K’s pasta) and the fact that K ate so little (still recovering from being sick). I was nonchalant about their behaviour and I enjoyed the food as I should. My mum doesn’t want to go out and eat anymore tomorrow. She wants to stay home with the boys so they can get as many home cooked meals as possible before she goes off for another holiday to Germany next week.

Bits and Pieces of November

All too soon, November is coming to an end! My mum, aunt, cousin are around in London this week to help me with childcare duties so I am cramming as much time as I can at the library this week to work on my assignments. I continue to shop a lot on Amazon and Amazon Prime’s next day delivery service is just so awesome! A good friend in London celebrated her birthday recently with ultra cute wine bottle candles =) My dear mum stocked up our kitchen cabinet with a LOT of food items from Singapore … greedy T finished all the red bean buns already!

Sickly weekend

I had grand plans to bring the boys to three museums this weekend, but alas, they took turns to fall sick. It was the longest stretch of time I’ve ever stayed indoors since I came to London!

T started feeling unwell on Friday evening when I met my friends for dinner. He slept on a stroller to the dinner venue and on the stroller back home. He was feverish and napped the entire Saturday away. When he was not napping, he was busy vomiting everything he ate/drank. He was well enough on Sunday to eat three meals and a pink macaroon (which was supposed to be mine, but he tried for the first time and liked it).

K started feeling unwell on Sunday morning. Exactly the same symptoms as his brother. He was feverish and napped the entire Sunday away. When he was not napping, he was busy vomiting everything he ate/drank. So much so that I had change the sheets twice in two days … and I totally lost count of the number of times both of them puked.

Nobody was fit enough to leave the house. The weather didn’t help as well, it was rainy and about 9 degrees outside the flat. Luckily there was plenty of entertainment at home to keep everyone happy — monopoly, computer, tablet, books, skyping with KL. We ran out of meat on the second day but luckily there was plenty of vegetables left for cooking porridge — corn, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes. A lot of the puke turned out smelling quite sweet because of the porridge ingredients, hahaa!

Yalla Yalla

Met up with friends for dinner at Yalla Yalla today. The appetizers were especially yummy, and it was an interesting twist for many of the appetizer plates to be flavoured with pomegranate! The mains were not that outstanding (mine was a vegetarian moussaka that totally didn’t turn out like I expected) but dinner was still nice overall. Thumbs up to the excellent wait staff who actually turned the lights off the entire restaurant to help one of my friends celebrate her birthday!

Home cooked goodies

With my mum, aunt and cousin here in London, I didn’t have to cook, clean, do the laundry, or take care of the boys at all in the past four days. I went out early to school, stayed out late at the library, and whenever I’m home I’ll just camp myself in front of the computer. My mum and aunt would whip up a storm in the kitchen everyday and ensure that everyone’s well fed with lots of home cooked goodies!

They’re off to the Lake District, Edinburgh and Scotland now. So I’ll have to resume my cooking, cleaning, laundry and childcare duties!

Borough Market

The group of us – four adults and three children – visited Borough Market today. My mum and aunt were so pleased with the quality of the fruits and vegetables here that they said they want to buy some back to Singapore! They were even discussing giving garlic to another aunt as a souvenir!

68 days

The past 68 days was rather eventful for the both of us because we’ve only got each other for company (well, most of the time). We’ve had a lot of fun together (setting up a new home, visiting museums, travelling) but we’ve also had quite a few screaming matches (over bad behaviour, not wanting to dress up warmly, not wanting to listen to my instructions … etc).

Tomorrow will mark another milestone in our London journey when K arrives to join us. He’ll be arriving with my mum, aunt, cousin, nephew who are all visiting London for fun. I’m expecting a really noisy house in the next few weeks =)

Burger & Shake

Even though we don’t eat out often cos its too expensive, there’s quite a lot of good food around in our neighborhood. T likes Mac ‘n’ Cheese when we eat at Burger & Shake. I’ve tried to cook it once for him and it turned out too dry. Better to go out and eat it!

Waterloo Bridge

There is this crazy day in my week where I have back to back lectures on both sides of river Thames. Even though there’s a five minute grace period at the start/end of each lecture, it’s still a mad rush to get from one lecture to the other …


To commemorate Guy Fawkes Night, there’s a series of fireworks displays in London throughout the week. We went down to the park next door to catch a fireworks show yesterday. It’s been ages since I last saw fireworks … and this was T’s first time watching fireworks live!

PS: T said that he likes fireworks because of the “booms” and “bangs”

Lake District

In the last few days of T’s mid term break, we traveled to Lake District with two of  my friends. It was a quintessential English break complete with a boat ride, buying Peter Rabbit merchandise (Beatrix Potter spent her summers here), eating pie + mash, fish + chips, scones + cream …. yumz!

Energy Info Zone

Whenever we have no plans for the weekend, we would head to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum. T’s favourite part of the Science Museum is the Energy Info Zone, where there are a lot of interactive screens for him to play with. Other than energy, he’s also learning quite a bit about recycling in school because everyone learns about recycling here.

Ashford International

Earlier in the week, we took a train to Ashford International to go outlet shopping. I picked up a pair of boots for myself, a pair of snow boots for T, and a cabin sized luggage for our year end travel. Because I didn’t pack any meals out for him, he had Macs for the first time since we came to the UK!

Spooky castle!

On Wednesday, we popped by a pumpkin carving session organized by Goodenough College’s craft club. I was actually planning to just look at the other people carve because I’ve not seen pumpkins being carved before, but I ended up being persuaded to carve one myself … and 2.5 hours later I made a spooky castle lantern! Carving wasn’t as hard as I thought because there were good, sharp knives at the session. I followed a template for the castle, so drawing wasn’t hard too. The hardest part was really to dig out all the flesh/seeds from the pumpkin.

T helped by running around with the other children and playing games on my phone … so he basically left me alone to work on the pumpkin for the whole duration. I’m pleased with how the pumpkin finally turned out =) Don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to carve a pumpkin again in my life because we don’t celebrate Halloween in Singapore!