Happy Birthday Gong Gong!

Gong Gong’s a year older and wiser again. We celebrated his birthday at the hospital because he’s currently recovering from a surgery where all the toes on his left foot were removed. The poor blood circulation to his toes on that foot has been causing him a lot of grief for a prolonged period of time – going in and out of hospital.

Our birthday wish for him, as always, is to stay healthy in the year ahead. And happy too!

Bits and Pieces of November 2015

K is in full holiday mode now. There’s no camps in November for him, so he does 2 hours of writing/counting/reading in the morning and spends the rest of the day working on what he likes. Other than continuing to make things that shoot, he’s now trying to build a car. Watching a lot of YouTube videos to do that. It’s been a few days but his car isn’t moving well (yet). When I tried it just now, the bottle cap wheels fell off the tooth picks and the second bottle fell off from the motor. Anyway, lots more to experiment before it’ll work.

K gave those cute clips to his classmates on the last day of school. We’re pleased that he finally got a place in the primary school downstairs. Come January, he’ll be able to walk to school and walk home from school with his brother. K is himself happy that he gets more sleep in the morning, but also sad that he won’t be able to see his current bunch of classmates anymore.

T continues to prepare for primary school. I brought him out for lunch quite a few weekdays this month so he gets more practice in crossing the road (can never teach enough on that) and how to take buses on his own (progress is slow but not so urgent for him to learn). December will be spent teaching him how to use a mobile phone plus getting him to practice buying more things on his own.

Our Christmas tree is out of the store room! We can’t find the stand + lights + decorations anymore. K’s been tasked to think of how to make the tree stand plus decorate the tree with whatever he can create from his recycled material.

Observing others at play

Rare to see K not running and playing like a monkey … but sitting around and observing how other people play. Maybe he’s starting to outgrow playgrounds already.

T is still happy to climb and slide. He thinks that if he lies down and slide, he goes as fast as the Wild Wild Wet slides, lol!

Marine Barrage

Went to Marine Barrage to jog today. K only managed to finish two rounds on foot before calling it quits. T was better, managed four rounds on his scooter but grazed his knees badly on his fourth round so we made him stop.

We saw quite a few angry birds flying above us, that must be a popular kite design.

Mr Eater

There are MANY pics in my camera and phone of T eating. Eating at home, eating out, eating at meal times, eating outside meal times, etc.

First pic – he’s trying to time how long it takes for Swensens to prep the mac and cheese dish. Answer is 8 minutes.

Last pic – he’s trying to cram as much mango juice as he can into his mouth, four straws at a time, lol!

K’s Area

K is the messiest person in our family. He’s into making things nowadays, especially things that move or shoot. Because of this interest, he hoards a LOT of stationary and what not. The whole house is so messy every time he finishes a plane or gun or boomerang etc etc etc. I don’t pack up his mess because he’s expected to do so himself. But the problem is that he doesn’t. And because some of his things take a few days to make, the house is in a perpetual mess.

Two days ago, I decided that I’ve had enough. I moved the furniture to designate a corner that belongs only to him. Within “K’s Area”, he’s allowed to be as messy as he wants but he can’t cross the line and the rest of our living room needs to stay neat. Just now when I stepped into the area to take photos, it was super duper messy as I expected, lol!

P1 Orientation

T attended his P1 Orientation today. He was really looking forward to it. He walked from home to school on his own just now, with me trailing really really far behind. Phew, no problems for him on the route. He needs a bit more practice and then he’ll be able to bring himself to school and back in January. He’s able to go on pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings on his own now, having done so for about three months already.

K is on a waiting list to transfer to the same primary school. Hopefully he’ll be successful so the both of them can walk with each other … at least for the first few weeks of January when T considers himself a “beginner”.


Spotted this at Hort Park yesterday! Everyone trying their best to look like they’re dreaming … T looking dead asleep on M’s the funniest!

And with that, October 2015 is GONE in the wink of an eye!

Yeah, play!

Woah, clear skies today after so many weeks of haze! Windows can finally be opened. Boys can finally go out and play. They totally didn’t want to go home after one hour plus of playing. Realized that T is pretty good at dodging. Keen to get him a small touch rugby ball and proper trainers next =)

And I need to go running this weekend. Haven’t been running for so many weeks …

Weekday treat

Vivo 27 Oct 15
Rare weekday treat for him to be picked up from school and have lunch at a mall. With his fav cousin no less! He even came home with a toy, but we agreed that he’ll only open the box after his tests next week.

Thanks for the afternoon of fun, Auntie J!

Pasta again?!?

Midweek dinner at Yomenya Goemon … AGAIN! T really wanted to try the adult portion today, so that’s why we ended up at the same place again. He was literally singing and bouncing on his seat when we were deciding what to order. That’s how much he likes eating pasta. But the adult portion here was actually too big for him to finish, so I had to pick up his leftovers. Told him that we’re definitely NOT going to eat at this pasta place next week, no matter how nice he thinks the food is!

Argh …. blurry looking camera phone pics!

Dr Lego Bot

K has no school for four days this week. I signed him up for a science camp to learn how to make Lego robots. He brought my camera to camp and came back with all these photos! He even took two videos of his robot to show me and T!

Polka Dots & Stripes Party

T attended a classmate’s birthday party yesterday and enjoyed himself v much. It’s amazing how well planned the party was, and how the mum was able to squeeze so many things into a function room – candy floss machine, pop corn machine, face painting, tattoos, crafts table, food table, sweets table, baked treats table, balloons, games. There was a bouncy castle and pool outside too. The family has a mixed heritage, so when it was time to sing the birthday song, it came in three languages – English, Swedish and Malay – super cool!

Non-stop playing!

It’s really non-stop playing this long weekend. Cousins had a party and were rowdy for over 6 hours! Baby Lucian was the highlight at the party. Older cousins tried to feed him snacks and taught him to exercise! Everyone found him v cute and were greatly entertained by his antics!


Singapore Science Centre

How many times can you visit the Singapore Science Centre before you get bored? Countless times for these boys, it seems. They have geeky interests and they’re happy to pop by the Centre whenever we have 2 – 3 hours to spare on a weekend morning. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with water play unless the weather doesn’t permit it.

I’m keen to bring them to KidStop someday, because I’ve heard good reviews about it!

Legoland in October 2015

Boys had a blast at Legoland over the long weekend. We’ve already been there a few times recently, but T continues to want to do certain activities over and over again. He’ll start with the driving school and boating school, then go onto the wet roller coaster (twice because he’s already wet), go to the Lego workshop, and finally shoot lasers.

T gets upset when we deviate from his plans. He says because it’s nearest to his birthday, he gets to choose what to do. Oh, the excuses that he’s coming up with nowadays, lol!

Children’s Day Presents

Boys received so many presents from their teachers at school today. They are lucky to have loving teachers who go out of their way to make Children’s Day really special.

Human body book is from KL, who’s always buying them human body books … even though I keep telling him that we already have so many of these at home.

School work

Spotted these in T’s school folder today. He writes longer sentences now that he’s back in Singapore simply because everyone else does the same here.

T wrote about a recent date that me and him had at Vivocity. He also said he was feeling afraid because of his grandfather’s poor health. Sweet of him to think like that!

Do re mi

Boys learnt the piano for six months in London. It’s challenging to get them started again in Singapore because the lessons here are so expensive! Am still searching for a reasonably-priced teacher/school that’s near our home so K can travel by himself for classes. Meanwhile, they’ll just have to contend with playing whatever sheet music we’ve brought home from London.

Won’t start T on piano lessons this year, because he has regular violin lessons in his childcare and he doesn’t need to learn two instruments in a week. Will give him a choice at the end of the year to continue either the piano or violin.

Climate Change

The Science Centre has an exhibition that deals with climate change. We were there two weeks back. Found a machine that tells you how many hours the sun shone in Singapore on the day that you were born. Now we know that in our family, the sun shone the most on the day K was born. It’s such a random thing to know!

Happy 6th Birthday!

T turned 6 today! It’s the haziest birthday he’s ever had. Both grandfathers are sick so there isn’t a family gathering. We brought the boys to Vivo in the morning for T to pick his toy. That was followed by lunch at T’s favourite pasta place, and then it’s back home to play with the new toy for the rest of the day.

T was touching and poking his jelly non-stop when we sang him the birthday song. It was so eeeky but nobody called him out because I was taking a video and nobody wanted to be heard scolding him in the video. So he basically played with the jelly for over 1 minute, yikes!

Last day as a 5 year old!

Told him that he’ll never be a 5 year old again once he passes his birthday. He argued that he may become an engineer next time and invent a time machine for going back in time.

This year he chose not to have a celebration in school because he wants me to use the budget to get him another toy at Toys’r’us. So it’s two toys he’ll be buying tomorrow. Anyway his classmates still sang him a birthday song because another child happened to be celebrating her birthday so they added him in.


Boys spent the whole weekend hanging out with cousins. Saturday morning with the baby, Saturday afternoon with their gang of older cousins. Sunday morning with the same gang again. They have a busier weekend than me!

Hazy days

The annual haze is back! No outdoor activities for the boys yesterday and today. But more than enough things at home to keep them occupied. K’s classmate came over to play just now and she was coughing badly in the one hour that she was here. Bet the school teachers must be hearing a lot of coughs and sniffs in classrooms these days.