Happy 7th Birthday!

T turned 7 this weekend! Birthday boy had the privilege of choosing our meals the whole weekend, so we ended up having an unbelievable amount of pasta over 48 hours ….

Birthday boy requested to stay home so he can play his new Lego set. It’s quite a cool set. He’s happy with all the presents he received this year!

Gone too soon …

My cousin Jennie passed away last Saturday after a four year plus battle with breast cancer. She would have turned 41 this October. She made her own plans for her own passing. It was a simple cremation, no funeral, ashes shattered into the sea, lots of beautiful flowers.

When I was growing up, she was someone whom I really looked up to. So it was tough seeing such a go-getter cousin succumb to a disease, especially in her final days.

She left behind a 12 year old son who, despite the trying circumstances, is holding up really well for his PSLE. She would have been so proud of her son!

Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach

For the second half of our Krabi holiday, we stayed at Holiday Inn Resort on Ao Nang Beach. Boys liked the bunk beds in the Kids Suite and the activities at the Kids Club, as usual. We ate most of our meals at the resort because it rained every single day that we were there, and it was just too troublesome to head out with umbrellas.

Every time there was a 1 – 2 hours respite from the rain, we made sure we headed to the pool. There are three pools at this resort, and we spent most of the time at the four slides in the children’s pool.

Ton Ma Yom

Ton Ma Yom is a little restaurant in Ao Nang that serves awesome Thai food! Every dish on our table was so delish, including the non-spicy food that the boys ate.

And my favourite Thai dish at the moment is seafood curry in coconut, also known as “hor mok ma prao on” (not that I’ll be able to pronounce it).


T turns 7 years old this month!

Boys get $50 as a birthday gift from us. K chose to spend his money on a few cubes earlier this year. T decided that he wanted a Ninjago set, so we headed to Toys “R” Us to pick it up today.

Canon EOS M10

Happy to have purchased the entry level EOS M10 as my newest camera! Chose this camera because it’s easy enough to use after a bit of fiddling, cheap enough for a camera that can change lens, and small enough to fit into my bag. Hoping to use it to take a lot of nice pics during our September trip =)

Zoo with Cousins

Big group outing to the Singapore Zoo yesterday. We covered a third of the zoo together, watched a show, had lunch, and the little ones went off to Rainforest Kidzworld for water play.
I was going to bring the boys home at the 6 hour mark, but T was so disappointed that we did not see a lot of animals. In the end, I cancelled dinner plans and we broke away from the group for 2 hours for intense animal viewing. He really likes the Wild African animals and doesn’t think a zoo visit is complete without seeing them!

A Very Special Walk

A Very Special Walk (AVSW) is an annual fundraising event of the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). Boys had an awesome time at the AVSW 2016 funfair this morning! With the coupons we had, they stuffed themselves with a lot of sweet treats, went on the bouncy castle, played a lot of games, and won a big bear to bring home!

Ho Ching was at the event and we took a pic with her!

Marina East!

We exercised along Marina East yesterday – adults on foot, T on scooter, K on bike. It was a one hour session and we probably covered 6km. After dinner, we sat around and watched the fireworks lighting up across Marina Bay. Nice!

Jurong East Swimming Complex

Cousins met up at the pool today. I must say that I like the Jurong East Swimming Complex so much better than the one at Jurong West. It’s nearer to our home, plus there’s KFC and Pastamania right beside the children’s pool so it’s very convenient to grab a bite. The boys (including Lucian!) ate so many boxes of pop corn chicken!

Cousin’s Day Out

Cousins met to check out Marine Cove today. Place was packed, as expected. Great that it rained heavily when we were about an hour into playing … because half of the crowded left after that.

The bigger cousins all like sand so we spent an hour on the beach. Lucian didn’t really want any sand on his feet, but he was okay after Lewis plonked him on the sand and left him standing there for a while. FotorCreated6Jul16c
We also rented a family bike to cycle! It moved at turtle speed and it was soooo heavy that it couldn’t even go up a slope. Lewis had to push it from behind, lol!

And it’s Lucian’s birthday tomorrow. Happy turning four, little boy =)

Hello Isaac!

Hello Isaac, the newest addition to our extended family! Isaac turned one month old on 19 Jun 16. He’s nocturnal for now … Older cousins were making a din the entire afternoon but that didn’t wake him up at all. In fact Isaac slept through his whole first month celebration and only woke up at 7.30pm when the guests were leaving!

Lake Thetis

Last post to round up our Perth trip!

We stopped at Lake Thetis, which is a small lake literally in the middle of no where. Apparently this lake is one of only a few places in the world with living marine “fossils” that are more than 3000 years old. The lake was soooo beautiful that morning we were there!

Cycling in Perth

We rented bikes to get around Perth on two days. T can’t ride a proper bike yet, so he sat in a child seat on KL’s bike.


We did 20km per day on the Swan River Ride. Sights we passed on the first day were the Elizabeth Quay, Old Brewery, Matilda Bay Reserve, King’s Park. Sights we passed on the second day were Heirisson Island, McCallum Park, Perth Zoo, Swan Estuary Marine Park, Canning Bridge.


Both rides took us 5 hours, inclusive of a long lunch stop and two playground stops. Fun, but we only saw so little of King’s Park. We actually need an entire afternoon there to play and see the whole park!


Scitech Perth

Visiting a science centre is a must! Pity the opening hours are short (many places close at 4pm in Australia) so we didn’t finish exploring the whole place. We even missed the entire planetarium!

Permanent exhibits were hands-on and interesting enough to occupy the boys more than 2 hours. We also caught a good math and explosions show. Learnt random facts like a million sec equals 11 days, a billion sec equals 32 years. Totally the things that K is interested in.

Explore-a-saurus is a new exhibition at the centre. It totally freaked T out. He was okay digging for fossils but at some exhibit measuring how strong you are against a T-Rex’s bite, he ran away to cry because he worried his family will be chomped up by the dino. Lol!

Argh… and my camera lenses died at the centre. Didn’t take a lot of photos today and have to rely on KL’s phone for the rest of the holiday =(


Lesmurdie Falls

We went on a walking trail at Lesmurdie Falls today. It’s actually a brook and not a real water fall. But it’s very pretty still.


We did the easy 2km route from the top of the falls to the bottom of the falls, took a short picnic break, and then looped back. That took us 2 hours. Fun!


Yanchep National Park

This is a very accessible park so there were many families there on Sunday. The lake was picturesque lake, so we had a picnic for the boys to snack and play with sticks (as they always do).


There was a short boardwalk for us to view koalas in their natural environment. But because they are nocturnal, most of the koalas were just sleeping on the branches at noon time!


We also went on a walking tour of Crystal Cave – Perth’s only tourist cave – to see stalactites and stalagmites. Our ranger was so knowledgeable that he was spewing encyclopedia-speak for a full 45 minutes! The cave experience was only so-so because we’ve seen bigger/nicer caves in Europe.


Gravity Discovery Centre

This wasn’t on our itinerary originally. But we drove past twice and decided that we’ll head there because it sounds fun.

The most interesting attraction is the Leaning Tower of Gingin. It’s 13 storey high and you get to climb up to drop water balloons and observe how they fall from the top.  Just like what Galileo did in Pisa 400+ years ago. Boys watched many YouTube videos on Galileo before, so they were excited to try the experiment. My gosh, it was so windy up there that the normal (non water-filled) balloons were just ripped off our fingers by the wind.


There was also a solar system walk that took us through endless bushes. We had to find all the planets in the walk, but because the place wasn’t very well maintained quite a few planets were missing from their stands. And we spotted two roaming kangaroos today!


Lesueur National Park

Our travel planner likes to get us off the beaten track so today we headed to Lesueur National Park. We saw a grand total of 7 people the whole afternoon we were there! The Park is so ulu that there are no real rangers to collect entry fees, only a poster one reminding you to drop the fees into a box.


We went on a 4km trail up Mount Lesueur. Along the way, there’s diverse (and endangered) vegetation but I totally could not pay attention to anything except to watch where I was walking. The trail was not very accessible – either rocky (up the mount) or very soft unmarked sand (flat). K amused himself by drawing many arrows on the sand to point us the right way back to the start point!


Pinnacles Desert

We’re in Perth for a two week holiday! The first attraction we visited was the Pinnacles Desert. It is 200km north of Perth and T puked twice in the car ride…


Pinnacles Desert is a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of limestone pillars sitting on really soooooft sand. Everywhere you turn, it’s a beautiful sight. T kept digging for jewellery in the sand so he can get rich. I had to keep telling him to stop it! KL went into some bushes and spotted three kangaroos there!