Splash Jungle Water Park, Phuket

Our hotel stay came with complementary daily passes to the water park. Boys loved it! They said it’s like Wild Wild Wet (that’s free).

They went on every single slide! Many times. I sat in the shade to wait for them with a book.


Splash Beach Resort, Phuket

We’re in Phuket for the March school holidays! Staying at Splash Beach Resort on Mai Khao Beach. It’s a super family friendly resort. There’s a water park within, two kids clubs. And we counted at breakfast that every single table had at least one kid!

Date with T!

Went on a date with T over the weekend. Took him to the mall to get a pair of specs, pick up stationary at the bookshop, and have dinner. He was super pleased that he can finally see clearly in class now. He has 100 degrees on each eye. Let’s see how long this pair of specs can last him.

He tried his best to look like Momo. But he said he lacks a white face, lacks long hair, lacks a squished in nose, has too much mouth. Lol!

Random conversations with a nine and a half year old

3 Feb 19
T saw me buying my dinner at a mall, one serving of fried chicken and one onigiri.
T: Are you on a diet?
Me: No…
T thinks I should eat more, he says I eat very little. Roll eyes…

12 Feb 19
Me: Hurry up, K. We have to read the second chapter of “The Peter Principle” tonight. 
(A friend loaned the book to me, I wanted to read it on my own. K was intrigued by the cover and wanted me to read it to them at bedtime. For adultish books, I usually read them one chapter per night. Last night was Chapter 1, T clearly didn’t like the book and K clearly found it interesting.)
T: It’s like the real version of “The Rabbit Who Wants to Sleep” because it is so boring that you will sleep.
(I read Chapter 1 of the Rabbit to them before, both didn’t sleep, I never finished that book.)

24 Feb 19
T: I want to be fat.
Me: You want to be fatter? 
T: No. I am acceptable now. I want to be fat, not fatter. So that when somebody hits you, you will get more resistance
Couldn’t get the logic of what he said …

2 Mar 19
T: Who is Marie Kondominium?

3 Mar 19
(Driving past Cashew MRT)
T: Char Siew!

Bits and Pieces in February 2019

Bandage. T is in Red Cross, and he learnt how to tie a bandage in school. It looks …. well … like a lot more work is needed!

Rainbow. Had pretty rainbow chirashi at Liang Court for dinner last Saturday.

Happy. On a whim, T and me decided to buy K jelly from the supermarket. Since it was a surprise, T wrote a note and I contributed two tea lights. Sang K a happy birthday happy song, and he was mighty pleased with the surprise.

Yogurt. On days when I just don’t feel like sharing my sweets with T, I treat myself to a big cup of frozen yogurt with a lot of chocolate and granola (he doesn’t like granola).


Made a small yusheng today to toss! Estimated the proportions wrongly, so ended up with too much fish and too little veg. Didn’t know if the regular crackers contained dairy/egg, so substituted it with potato rings. T was in charge of Googling all the nice phrases to say, and he came up with …

  1. 年年有余 (nian nian you yu, abundance throughout the year)
  2. 鸿运当头 (hong yun dang tou, good luck is approaching)
  3. 满地黄金 (man di huang jin, floor full of gold)
  4. 甜甜蜜蜜 (tian tian mi mi, sweet and loving relationships)
  5. 学业进步 (xue ye jing bu, progress in studies)
  6. 新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le, happy new year)

Waka Waka

Cousins met at Waka Waka (indoor playground) yesterday. The older ones played for five hours straight! I didn’t bother to chase the kids to take pics. Got the pics from different phone cams, they look …. hmm … so different.


We had such a good turnout at CNY gathering at my mum’s place! So many activities in the flat that day … eating/catching up in the kitchen, Netflix blaring non stop in the living room, mobile phone games + poker in room 1, mahjong in room 2. Everyone kept themselves busy with what they liked, and I guess that meant it was a happy 初一 for everyone!

Bits and Pieces in January 2019

Books. Visited Yishun Library (so nice!) and picked up a whole series of “Choose Your Own Adventures” stories. KL really enjoyed them when he was young, wanted to introduce them to the boys. K liked it too!

Compo. Found a neat little compo in T’s English notebook. He wrote about our recent trip to Sydney. I didn’t know even know that particular meaty pizza had such a fancy name, lol!

Puzzle. Got this 1000 piece Disney puzzle for T for Christmas. We took 2 Saturdays + 2 Sundays to finish it. Think it was funner for me than for him.

Lego. The Lego figures were very busy at home this month. They have to “act” out a lot of scenarios for the boys!

Random conversations with a nine year old

22 Apr 18
T: I saw an old lady drinking coke. She is trying to be unhealthy.
Me: She is probably healthy enough to live to such an old age.
T: She looks as old as 奶奶, and she is drinking coke instead of chicken essence.
Me: *rolls my eyes*

10 Jun 18
Me: Explaining “couch potato”
T: xxx (classmate) is really a couch potato
T: He is fat. And he watches a lot of TV.
T: And he acts like a TV character.

23 Jun 18
K: Would you rather be a YouTuber or an astronaut?
Me: Of course astronaut lah.
T: Both are very good.
T: I would rather be a dentist.

End Dec 18
Me: My office is giving me three hours off for first week of school, do you need me to take that three hours?
Me: What would I do if I take that three hours?
T: That’s only for Primary 1.
Me: But they are giving to all parents from Primary 1 to 6.
K: Then you can take 6 hours for 2 of us. (No, can’t) And then rest in that 6 hours.
Me *Roll eyes…*

24 Jan 19
Me: K is all skin and bones.
T: No. he has skin and bones and also organs.
(Because he has to correct everything I say if it’s not scientifically correct)

22 Jan 19
Me: (Trying to read a page of “The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep”) … rabbit is twelve years old, just like K.
T: No, rabbits cannot live so long.
(After he saw that I typed our conversation out, he taught me that rabbits can only live 1 to 2 years in the wild and 7 to 10 years as a pet. So there are no 12 year old rabbits at all.)

Sick at home

T started falling sick on Wednesday. That was the day K returned to school on Day 5 of his suspected dengue. T didn’t have any fever so not likely to be dengue. On Wednesday, he vomited four times and had diarrhea thrice. I picked him up from school in the morning, gave him food, water, instructions to hydrate himself. On Thursday, he was still not taking in liquids that well, vomited twice but had no more diarrhea. On Friday, he was visibly better, asked to eat noodles instead of porridge. He also introduced me to bad peppa pig videos. And he had spaghetti that evening!

All in all, K missed two days of school and T missed two days of school. They were fairly independent even when sick, so I only had to come home once or twice a day to give them food and check on them. Otherwise, I was at work pretty much like normal this week.

We lifted the spaghetti and udon ban for now because K lost so much weight (T didn’t lose as much) and both really wanted to eat their favourite food when they got well.

Window shopping

We drove into JB on Saturday. Had a few hours to spare so we went to a mall, boys watched a movie, we had lunch, and then I bought T for a walk. Just to prove my point to T that “window shopping is fun”, I took him to Toys ‘R’ Us to window shop! He was so busy explaining the different Nerf guns to me, how some of the toys are supposed to be played, yada yada yada. He did concede that window shopping is fun, but only in a toy shop, lol!

T had a swell on his left eye because of something he ate at lunch. Not sure what allergen it was. Peanut? Anyway, it went away after about 2 hours.


Big bro didn’t window shop with us. He was tired on the way to JB, okay with sitting/resting for the movie, lying down at lunch, and dead tired after that. He sat on a bench to wait for all of us to be done. He actually developed a fever after we drove into JB. Very high chance he’s struck by dengue because he had all the textbook symptoms – fever, chills, body aches, headache, vomiting (once on second day), diarrhea (thrice in second day), nose bleeds (thrice in third day). The only thing we didn’t do is a blood test so that’s the missing 10%. Today’s Day 3. He is eating and drinking quite an okay amount for someone who’s sick. In the evening, he was also well enough to play board games with his brother and I heard he also did homework a few hours before I came home. Tomorrow’s Day 4. We will get him to rest one more day at home. Day 3, fever has broken and he’s definitely recovering now. Quite confident he’ll be able to go back to school on Day 5.

Lego Movie #2

Boys created their second movie using Lego figures! The pictures are of varying brightness and sharpness because they don’t know how to control my semi-auto camera well. But at least this time round, they kept their fingers off the screen! Made this into a gif again via GIPHY!

Good Progress Award

Awesome start to the year! T received the Edusave Good Progress Award. It was his first ever big award, so he was really looking forward to the award ceremony!

He received $100 with the award. We told him he had to save at least 50% of it. Of the $50 that he gets to spend, he gave us a claypot chicken dinner treat, green tea for me, keychain for his grandma, playing cards for his brother. He’s also planning to treat himself to a bar of chocolate.

Merry Christmas 2018!

Christmas was awesome! Boys received lots of gifts from family and friends. They’re in love with the vintage gamer, had a lot of fun digging for things in their treasure x boxes, and are playing with their planes/guns everyday!

Bits and Pieces in December 2018

Random. Snapped a pic of them acting like monkeys somewhere in Jurong East.

Books. Had a much easier job this year. I picked a weekday morning to pop by the school bookshop, went alone, and was done in 30 min. Wrote their names on the books with a black sharpie. Wrapped only the Chinese text books this year. I figured that the Chinese text books had high usage because their Chinese tutor refers to it. Everything else, I just stuck scotch tape at the edges to prevent dog ears and that’s it.

Cooking. T made mac&cheese, fried udon, muffins, fried rice, pudding … and so many other things at his one week cooking class at Palate Sensations. He enjoys cooking tremendously, even though I think his actual contribution for each dish amounts to only cutting/stirring/frying. Shall look for more cooking classes for him in the next school hols.