Lego Movie #2

Boys created their second movie using Lego figures! The pictures are of varying brightness and sharpness because they don’t know how to control my semi-auto camera well. But at least this time round, they kept their fingers off the screen! Made this into a gif again via GIPHY!


Lego Movie

Boys created their first movie today using Lego figures! They took a lot of pictures using my camera and I made it into a gif via GIPHY!

Good Progress Award

Awesome start to the year! T received the Edusave Good Progress Award. It was his first ever big award, so he was really looking forward to the award ceremony!

He received $100 with the award. We told him he had to save at least 50% of it. Of the $50 that he gets to spend, he gave us a claypot chicken dinner treat, green tea for me, keychain for his grandma, playing cards for his brother. He’s also planning to treat himself to a bar of chocolate.

Bits and Pieces in December 2018

Random. Snapped a pic of them acting like monkeys somewhere in Jurong East.

Books. Had a much easier job this year. I picked a weekday morning to pop by the school bookshop, went alone, and was done in 30 min. Wrote their names on the books with a black sharpie. Wrapped only the Chinese text books this year. I figured that the Chinese text books had high usage because their Chinese tutor refers to it. Everything else, I just stuck scotch tape at the edges to prevent dog ears and that’s it.

Cooking. T made mac&cheese, fried udon, muffins, fried rice, pudding … and so many other things at his one week cooking class at Palate Sensations. He enjoys cooking tremendously, even though I think his actual contribution for each dish amounts to only cutting/stirring/frying. Shall look for more cooking classes for him in the next school hols.

Family trip in Pattaya

K is off on a 5D4N family trip with my mum, aunt, cousins. T is in Singapore, he went for cooking classes, spent some time alone, got a weekend staycation with us.

On Day 1, my mum said they visited Silver Lake, a beautiful vine yard.

On Day 2, my mum said they visited Stone Park, watched a cultural show, watched an elephant performance.

Bye Sydney!

Lazing around now before we head to the airport. This is quite a lazy trip because we spent two whole days lazing around. KL planned an ambitious trip to Blue Mountains but I decided it was too much effort to go there. 

Aww… the holiday is over now and it’s back to work for adults + Dec hols program for boys tomorrow. KL says he’ll come back to Australia in summer again because there are more daylight hours and the weather is good.

Till the next trip then, bye Australia for now!

Watsons Bay

We were at Watsons Bay today. It was a 30 minutes Uber ride away from our accommodation. The beaches and the cliffs were so beautiful!

We did two short walks at the Sydney Harbour National Park, had lunch at a Thai eatery, ate ice cream, visited the playground and local market.

The most interesting thing about walk #1 was a nude beach – Lady Bay Beach – that’s right smack in the middle of the South Head Heritage Trail. We didn’t linger too long at the beach even though it was really beautiful, because well, it’s rude to stare and take pics of nude people without their permission.

The most interesting thing about walk #2 were the many signs plastered along Gap Park asking people to think twice before they jump off the cliff. Wonder how often these actually happens. K didn’t join us at Gap Park, he was only too happy to stay behind at a smallish playground to snack and play on his own while waiting for us to be done. 

Powerhouse Museum

It was another sunny day! So we really had to go indoors to get a reprieve from the sun. 

We decided to spend the whole day at the Powerhouse Museum. The museum was really interesting, it was like a science museum on level 1, a history museum on level 2, and an art museum on level 3/4. 

We didn’t finish walking through the whole place. Just level 1 and part of level 2 took us the whole day! The boys especially likeed the experimentations room.

The powerhouse museum was at Chinatown, so there were plenty of Asian eateries around. Bubble tea shops were prolific too! We had Jap for lunch because KL sorely misses his Asian food.

Maroubra Beach

We cycled to Maroubra Beach today. Had a surprising good lunch at an unassuming eatery by the beach. The falafels in my wrap were so crispy and yummy! I’ve eaten many falafels in London but never such tasty ones before!

After lunch, we took a walk around the beach. Three of us then decided to take a short 1km walk to the Malabar Headland National Park. In the end, KL was the only one who completed it. T stopped halfway to play with sand. I stopped halfway because it was so hard to walk on sand and I just wanted to sit on a rock to enjoy the sea breeze.

K didn’t walk with us because there was a playground and a skatepark at the beach. He stayed put near our parked bikes to watch skaters do stunts at the skate park. And he was happy to have done so.

We returned our bikes after the outing to the beach. All in all, we rode 20km yesterday and 20km today. Beach was pretty. And weather was pleasant, hovering around 21 – 23 degrees. BUT both my arms were burnt like a lobster after two whole days out in the sun!

Sydney Opera House

Rented bikes to bring us around. T was mighty pleased to be on a tag along!

We started from Centennial Park and cycled a leisurely 10km to Sydney Opera House. 

The Sydney Opera House looked nice, but what amazed me more was how packed the Botanic Gardens was. Not with Chinese tourists, but with lunch time joggers!

After getting away from the crowd, we had lunch, checked out Hyde Park, pit stopped at the smallish Wulaba Park and that’s another 10km!

Boys liked the tall slide at Wulaba Park so much that K asked to come back again tomorrow.

Bits and Pieces in November 2018

Cycling. We bought them to East Coast to cycle on one weekend. We covered 15km from East Coast to Gardens by the Bay, and back. Sky was dark when we reached Gardens by the Bay, but because we couldn’t just stop halfway, everyone had to continue even if it rained. And it did rain cats and dogs. T was upset with us that evening because he said he’ll fall sick. Phew, luckily he didn’t fall sick. 

Party. T was invited to a classmate’s party this month. He was super excited about it because as they grow up, there are less of such parties going around. This one had swimming, BBQ, magic show, balloon sculpting, caricatures and T totally enjoyed himself! 

Clean up. It’s massive clean up now that school is out. With their help, we packed away stacks of paper to recycle, rearranged the living room so it’s more conducive for the boys to do their work, created enough space to get new books for next year.

ABC pasta. I always wake up late on weekends, and this particular Saturday morning, I heard rustle in the kitchen. Turns out that I woke up later than usual and K was trying to cook ABC pasta for lunch. He didn’t have a soup base and thought that it would taste okay with just water and corn and cherry tomatoes. I made him throw in udon seasoning, and it turned out to be a decent lunch.  

Happy Deepavali!

Headed to Macritchie after breakfast to attempt the Tree Top Walk. Heaps of Singaporeans had the same idea too. The trail was so crowded!

K had a stomachache and was wheezing (took a bit of milk by mistake in his fruit juice). He was so unhappy with the hike that he wished there was school, and he teared when he said that, lol! We didn’t make it to the suspension bridge and turned back at the 3km mark instead. On the return route, I made everyone detour to Petai boardwalk and in the end we completed 8km. Not too bad for a morning walk!

Too tall for Småland

We used to have dinners really often at Ikea when I worked part time. We headed there when I had to get knick knacks for the house, headed there when we ran out of places to go, headed there when I wanted to eat at an air conditioned place that was not a mall.

We haven’t been to Ikea in almost a year. And this time when we were back in early Nov 18, surprise surprise …

  1. T has grown so much. He cannot get into Småland anymore *sobs*.
  2. T cannot fit nicely into the trolley either. We used to put him inside to keep his fingers away from the breakables in the kitchen section. Now he just looks strange if he goes inside.
  3. The two of them eat a monstrous amount of food. When they were little, they used to get one children’s meal each. Now they each eat one adult’s meal PLUS one children’s meal PLUS chicken wings. Hmm, or did the portion sizes shrink?

Chinese Orchestra

Boys joined a two-session music appreciation program last month. Program was conducted by the big boys and girls from Eunoia Junior College’s Chinese Orchestra. At the end of the program, all of them played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together. Not too bad!


T lives to eat and K eats to live. T is truly the foodie in our family.

His days are regulated by his meals. When he’s halfway through his lunch, he’ll already be asking you what’s for dinner. If it’s a new pack of anything that appears in our kitchen, he can be trusted to be the first to check it out. He’s even good at reading food labels and making sure that he doesn’t pick up anything that he’s allergic to (nuts still make him puke, too much soy makes him puke too).

He discovered chili in October and there is no turning back. He absolutely loves 加辣!

Bits and Pieces in October 2018

Cards. K’s friends came over to play cards on one of the days when there was no school. Apparently this Buddy Fight card game is really popular now. We didn’t want to buy it for him, so he dipped into his own savings and got a classmate to buy it for him instead.

Crematorium. Time flies. It’s exactly a year since 爷爷 passed on. We visited his niche to say hi.

Car. Surprised that the two of them could still fit into the kiddy car ride. They looked really pleased with it even though it was stationary.

Child. It’s good to be a child in Singapore. You get to go to school and you get lots of love from your teachers on Children’s Day (actually everyday too). Lucky children!