Liang Court on 30 Jun 18

Last day of June! K wanted to go to Liang Court for dinner, so we did! K scooted, T cycled, adults jogged. Took us 1 hour 45 min today to complete 8km.


Air Zone

Met with cousins at City Square Mall for last minute shopping before school reopens. K needed wet shoes, tops, bottoms for P5 school camp. Cousins went TWICE to the Air Zone. Plenty of nets, plenty of balls, plenty of fun!

Bits and Pieces in May 2018

MayCollageAn owl sent a letter to us last month to invite K to Hogwarts. Letter was signed off by Dumbledore, lol!

T went for his first CCA camp last month. Heard from him that there was climbing and games at camp. He had rave reviews about the camp!

Four time a year, there a “Eat with Your Family Day” and I get to leave work early. Weekday dinners now involve my mum too, because she’s moved in totally to stay with us.

Tourist-ing in Siem Reap

Weather is scorching hot in Siem Reap! Weather averages 33 degrees in the day time, so it’s either that we’re sweating it out in a temple or cooling it off in the hotel pool. I definitely will be at least two shades darker after the trip! After 5.30pm is when most tourist-y activities start.

31May18On one of the evenings, we went for a traditional Khmer dancing (apsara) performance. Dinner was included in the performance and I was only too happy to try the local food! Cambodia’s most famous dish is fish amok or steamed curried fish. The fish is coated in a thick coconut milk and steamed/baked in a banana leaf cup.

31May18aOn another evening, we visited the tourist-y Pub Street. T had a bucket list of things to try after he watched a YouTube video about Siem Reap before the trip. He was mighty happy to find a crocodile burger and ice cream rolls on Pub Street. After Pub Street, we went to the night market for a walk, but the items sold were knick-knacks that I couldn’t really use, so we went home empty handed.


30May18And finally, the last temple we visited was Bayon Temple. It was a big site, and it sits in the middle of the huge Angkor Thom complex.  Bayon’s most distinctive features are the massive stone faces that grace its towers.

30May18aI’m not sure if T meant it, but every time I hear him talk about the temples, I hear “Uncle What” (Angkor Wat) and “Uncle Tom” (Angkor Thom).

This point struck me when I went through the photos again. We came across many segments in various temples where rocks were piled haphazardly around neatly constructed walls/walkways. Definitely seems like some form of a reconstruction effort going about. Wonder what these will do to the facade in a few years’ time.

Angkor Wat

29May18Beautiful. Glad we visited Angkor Wat on the second day, instead of the first. Otherwise, we’ll be overwhelmed and not enjoy the smaller temples as much.

29May18aAngkor Wat was amazingly well preserved. We hired an English speaking guide to bring us around. Fun facts we picked up from our guide – how to use the panorama feature on the phone, how it took only 37 years to build the temple, how the stones with holes were transported by elephants, why so many things are symmetrical inside, what are the five levels of greeting in Cambodia.

Angkor Archaelogical Park

28May18aWe went temple hopping today. Visited Preah Khan (large and flat), Neak Poan (small, surrounded by water), East Mebon (my favourite, intricate carvings), Pre Rep (had to climb), Ta Prohm (tree temple, tomb raider style).

28May18It was considered a tour because we booked a tuk tuk to bring us around the whole day. But we had no English speaking guide, so we downloaded an app on the temples and spent a few minutes to read the key features of the temples before we stepped in. Not ideal, but at least that allowed us to walk at the pace we wanted.

28May18bK liked the tuk tuk driver v much. He didn’t go to three of the temples. He opted to stay behind on the tuk tuk to snack and chat with the driver. Driver even let K try out his hammock!

Hello Siem Reap!

27May18June school holidays have started! KL wanted to visit somewhere we’ve not been before, so he picked Siem Reap. Great, I’m definitely looking forward to what I’ll discover in the next seven days!

Accommodation for the first half of the week was at Koulen Summit Condo. Our apartment was homely and nice. Food was good, and I especially liked the seafood fried rice that they served at breakfast!

37 years old!

20May18aRather unceremoniously, I turned 37 years old over the weekend. Thankful that I am healthy, that I am still alive, that I can afford the time and money to eat out. I definitely ate way too much sashimi and seafood over the weekend!

Kok Loon turned 39 years old. Happy birthday to him and happy anniversary to us too!

Received two cakes from my colleagues this year. One was a Hawaiian pizza cake, lol so innovative! T ate half of that cake. Boys made cards for the both of us. Mine came with vouchers for them to keep quiet and clean the house, lol!

Jogging in Bangkok

14May18We go to Bangkok at least once a year, without the boys. We go there so often that I rarely blog about the trips anymore.

But this time round, we did something interesting. We went for a long jog along the Saphan Taksin River. Destination was Anantara Riverside Bangkok. This was the first hotel we stayed in when we visited Bangkok 15 years ago. Then, it was known as Marriott. So nostalgic!



Awesome to go on separate dates with the boys!

On Saturday, T and me had lunch at Clementi. He wanted to eat mac & cheese at Swensons. After that we popped by the library, he went for Chinese tuition, I hung around at the mall, we met up to return home.

On Sunday, K and me went to Ikea for a few hours. I wanted to look at candles and frames. He plonked himself on a couch to read his comics + wait for me. We had dinner, walked around some more, and returned home.

Road Safety Park

T likes the Road Safety Park so he always asks to go there when the adults can’t decide where to jog. Today K bought his skateboard instead of his scooter. He skated 4km, so that’s a good distance considering that he’s still trying to get used to skating!

14 April 2018

It was a good Saturday. K invited T to use his one hour screen time voucher. T washed dishes for everyone. K stuck 3D lenses on the binoculars so everything appeared red + blue. I made honey green tea with aloe vera for the boys as an after-lunch snack.

Random conversations with an eight (and a half) year old

14 Mar 18
T: If I have a clone, I will make him go to school.
Me: 然后你做什么?
T: I rest. And make him do things.

30 Mar 18
After a fight
T: I know why Kaizer is like that. People of his age are like that.
Me: You mean teenagers?
KL: He has been like that for many years.

30 Mar 18
T: I want to go to Harry Potter school
Me: You are a muggle.
T: I am not. Lead can appear in my mechanical pencil and ink can appear in my pen.
T: I am not a muggle.
(And in this whole conversation,KL does not know what is a muggle because he has not heard the term before – only mugger)

Happy 11th Birthday!

K turned ELEVEN over the weekend! He chose presents instead of money/vouchers this year. My present for him was a skateboard and skateboard shoes. KL’s present for him were new Nerf guns.

Because the school declared Monday a holiday (rest day for teachers after carnival), we managed to squeeze in a staycation in Johor Bahru over the long weekend. It was a lot of eating, swimming, and watching TV. K ate way tooooooo much jelly. By chance we passed by a pasar malam and K picked up a new 5×5 cube (so that’s considered a birthday present too)!

Fairfield Funfair

It’s the once in five years Fairfield Funfair! Funfair fell on K’s birthday! K’s class managed two stalls – one games stall and one food stall. K was in charge of collecting balls at the games stall. Their game was easy, and the boys managing the stall decided to all use their own vouchers to play at their own stall! By the end of their shift, the boys won all of the big prizes from their own stall. Face palm moment!

T’s class managed a hodgepodge stall that sold candy floss, potato rings, stuffed toys. T helped to stick price tags on the candy floss but his main job at the fair was to bring a signboard and walk around to advertise his stall. He didn’t play any games with his vouchers. He spent it on 2 cups of candy floss, 1 cheese prata, 5 minutes on the water boat.

It was a fun morning at the carnival!

Bits and Pieces in March 2018

Homework. Boys were super pleased to find a rude word in T’s crossword puzzle homework. Had to share with their cousins, who found the rude word at record time too. Lol, their brains are all wired the same way.

Origami. K is back in business in making guns. We confiscated their phones two weeks back after we caught them at midnight (on a weekday night, no less) playing their phones. Apparently they were doing this for three nights before we caught them. Since the confiscation, boys have spent more time doing better things in their life – like origami.

Pot. K made a cute pot at school during art lesson. I am keeping it to store paperclips at work.

Mealworms. T had to rear mealworms this month. We spent some time googling on mealworm habitats and settled on oats + carrots + ribena for his. He took home 5 altogether, but somehow 2 escaped and the rest didn’t survive more than 3 days. Sad!

Mess. I was sick in March. On and off when I woke up from my naps, I felt even sicker looking at the mess they made in their room!

Kamala Beach

Our nearest beach was Kamala Beach. Although this stretch was much quieter than Patong Beach (10km away), Kamala Beach was still really commercialized. On our first night, we checked out the brick and mortar restaurants along the beach. Every single restaurant was so touristy and EVERY single restaurant served pasta. T was happy to eat pasta but for the rest of us, the Thai food tasted quite bland.

18Mar18Luckily from the second night onward, we went out to jog and discovered where the locals ate and packed our meals back to the villa instead. Food was so much better when we ate where the locals ate. Boys didn’t come along because they didn’t want to jog. For such a holiday, they wanted nothing other than stay in the villa to swim + watch TV + use their phones. Suit themselves! Our finds were a local park, a local shopping street, and the bustling Kamala Friday night market!

Glam Habitat Phuket

We visited Phuket over the March school holidays. T had a nosebleed that lasted about 5 minutes when we boarded the flight, but he managed to nap an hour after the plane took off. He took an airsick pill and didn’t puke, so that was considered a good flight to me. We arrived on 3.14 – which, the boys informed me, was pi day. So geeky!

16Mar18Our accommodation was a three bedroom villa at Glam Habitat. For some unknown reason, the boys woke up at 4am on the first night to snack, use their phones and watch TV in the living room. When the adults woke up at 9am, we were shocked to see them sprawled out in different parts of the living room snoozing so deeply. That day we didn’t go out, after breakfast we made them go back to the villa to catch up on their sleep debt (with plenty of scolding from us, of course).

80% of our waking time was spent in the pool – villa pool and hotel pool. I think I am two shades tanner after this holiday!

Sports Carnival 2018

Sports Carnivals are fun affairs. Last year and this year, K took part in sports that were held indoor (good for me as a spectator). This year, his team did v well and he came home with a super nice medal! Next year, T will finally be able to participate in the event as an upper primary student.

Science Centre on 4 Mar 18

We renewed our Science Centre membership today. I don’t know how the Centre does it, but they’ve been capping the annual family membership fee at $65 for so many years. Such a reasonable deal!

We haven’t been here for a while. Virtual reality is now gone and replaced by a Boeing-sponsored flying exhibition.

Bits and Pieces of February 2018

Nerf fights. Once in a while when we feel like it, we switch off all the lights at home, hide in the dark, and try to shoot each other. When shot, T always drops down so dramatically! The game is fun!

Pineapple boat. Made this on CNY eve. Hollowing out the fruit was hard because it took half an hour to do a good job with each pineapple. But it sure was satisfying seeing the end product!

Johor Bahru. We popped in twice in Feb. Caught a lion dance on the first trip. T went v close to collect the sweets that the lions spewed out.


Gosh, February passed in a flash!


Another weekend, another visit to Sentosa! Nobody wanted to exercise with me today, so I jogged on my own and finished before we reached Sentosa. I do not like to lie on sand at all, so while they were playing, I laid on the beach mat to read.