Non-stop playing!

It’s really non-stop playing this long weekend. Cousins had a party and were rowdy for over 6 hours! Baby Lucian was the highlight at the party. Older cousins tried to feed him snacks and taught him to exercise! Everyone found him v cute and were greatly entertained by his antics!


Singapore Science Centre

How many times can you visit the Singapore Science Centre before you get bored? Countless times for these boys, it seems. They have geeky interests and they’re happy to pop by the Centre whenever we have 2 – 3 hours to spare on a weekend morning. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with water play unless the weather doesn’t permit it.

I’m keen to bring them to KidStop someday, because I’ve heard good reviews about it!

Legoland in October 2015

Boys had a blast at Legoland over the long weekend. We’ve already been there a few times recently, but T continues to want to do certain activities over and over again. He’ll start with the driving school and boating school, then go onto the wet roller coaster (twice because he’s already wet), go to the Lego workshop, and finally shoot lasers.

T gets upset when we deviate from his plans. He says because it’s nearest to his birthday, he gets to choose what to do. Oh, the excuses that he’s coming up with nowadays, lol!

Children’s Day Presents

Boys received so many presents from their teachers at school today. They are lucky to have loving teachers who go out of their way to make Children’s Day really special.

Human body book is from KL, who’s always buying them human body books … even though I keep telling him that we already have so many of these at home.

School work

Spotted these in T’s school folder today. He writes longer sentences now that he’s back in Singapore simply because everyone else does the same here.

T wrote about a recent date that me and him had at Vivocity. He also said he was feeling afraid because of his grandfather’s poor health. Sweet of him to think like that!

Do re mi

Boys learnt the piano for six months in London. It’s challenging to get them started again in Singapore because the lessons here are so expensive! Am still searching for a reasonably-priced teacher/school that’s near our home so K can travel by himself for classes. Meanwhile, they’ll just have to contend with playing whatever sheet music we’ve brought home from London.

Won’t start T on piano lessons this year, because he has regular violin lessons in his childcare and he doesn’t need to learn two instruments in a week. Will give him a choice at the end of the year to continue either the piano or violin.

Climate Change

The Science Centre has an exhibition that deals with climate change. We were there two weeks back. Found a machine that tells you how many hours the sun shone in Singapore on the day that you were born. Now we know that in our family, the sun shone the most on the day K was born. It’s such a random thing to know!

Happy 6th Birthday!

T turned 6 today! It’s the haziest birthday he’s ever had. Both grandfathers are sick so there isn’t a family gathering. We brought the boys to Vivo in the morning for T to pick his toy. That was followed by lunch at T’s favourite pasta place, and then it’s back home to play with the new toy for the rest of the day.

T was touching and poking his jelly non-stop when we sang him the birthday song. It was so eeeky but nobody called him out because I was taking a video and nobody wanted to be heard scolding him in the video. So he basically played with the jelly for over 1 minute, yikes!

Last day as a 5 year old!

Told him that he’ll never be a 5 year old again once he passes his birthday. He argued that he may become an engineer next time and invent a time machine for going back in time.

This year he chose not to have a celebration in school because he wants me to use the budget to get him another toy at Toys’r’us. So it’s two toys he’ll be buying tomorrow. Anyway his classmates still sang him a birthday song because another child happened to be celebrating her birthday so they added him in.


Boys spent the whole weekend hanging out with cousins. Saturday morning with the baby, Saturday afternoon with their gang of older cousins. Sunday morning with the same gang again. They have a busier weekend than me!

Hazy days

The annual haze is back! No outdoor activities for the boys yesterday and today. But more than enough things at home to keep them occupied. K’s classmate came over to play just now and she was coughing badly in the one hour that she was here. Bet the school teachers must be hearing a lot of coughs and sniffs in classrooms these days.

Legoland in September 2015

T is turning 6 this month, and he requested to visit Legoland for his birthday trip. We’ve not been here for more than 2 years! T enjoyed himself tremendously because he met the high limit for the roller coaster rides (must still be accompanied by an adult) and he especially liked the one that got him all wet.

Boating was fun in Legoland because there’s no real rowing involved, not like in Europe, hahaa!


We also got the boys a wooden set of dominoes last week. They had a lot of fun today making the dominoes fall. I personally don’t enjoy the traditional domino game so its good that they didn’t ask me to play with them.

Pacberry Pie

We got the boys a wooden 3D tic tac toe set last week, and they’ve had fun challenging each other (and me). T likes to flip over the set to make pacberry pies … inspired by the food that pacman eats!

And I cut his hair again yesterday! He says he prefers me to cut it instead of going to a hairdresser shop because he doesn’t want to wear a bib.

Earning money at home

Today, K decided that he wanted to spend the money he’s earned since P1. He’s taken such a long time to get here because we don’t allow him to save his pocket money from school. That’s strictly reserved for eating and anything that’s unused gets rolled over to the next day. Some of the money he has earned was from a good boy chart last year. But we’re phasing out those charts at home and instead we have a system where he earns money from us. 10 cents for vacuuming the house or mopping the kitchen. 10 cents for reading every 60 pages of a chapter book. Sometimes he wheedles 10 or 20 cents from KL for putting in a lot of effort in Chinese or for completing some challenging Math assignments, though I’m not really keen to give him money for school-related work that he’s supposed to be doing anyway.

Money is quite hard to come by for him, so he’s v careful when it comes to spending his own money. Look at his serious face when he’s counting his money! Needless to say, he was exceedingly happy with his new toy! And he was generous enough to get a water gun for T from Daiso =)

Mr Bored

Mr Bored ended school early and has been home since 11am. He’s been told NOT to talk to me because I’m busy with my own work. He’s only going out to play at 3pm so in the meantime, he’s finishing his homework, playing with his SG50 lego, painting, eating … and entertaining himself with a slew of out-of-focus selfies!

Satay by the Bay

Brought the boys to Gardens by the Bay last weekend to catch the aerial and fireworks display. They were quite hungry when we got there, and between the two of them they polished off a box of rice that their por por packed, satay, chicken wings and ice kachang.

They missed the water play area and were running around like two crazy people! Both enjoyed the fireworks display very much and knocked out in the car promptly once we started driving home.


T made a 25-story apartment with his citiblocs last week and he was mighty pleased with it! I think the row of blocs lying on the floor is supposed to be a row of planes because they made it a day after we watched the aerial display.

Bye, Goodenough College!

We honestly could not have found a better home in Central London. The quality of the accommodation was very good, and so were the facilities. The rent was very reasonable for Central London standards. Most importantly, we all enjoyed the time we spent at the college. Boys would hang out in the play rooms during the colder months and hang out in the garden during the warmer months. Boys also started piano lessons at the college, and they love their music teacher to bits. As a family, we all made a lot of friends, some of whom we’ll continue to meet when we’re back in Singapore.

Bye, Goodenough College! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Bye, Maughan Library!

This is where I’ve been spending most of my weekdays in the past year! The Maughan Library is 15 minutes away from the boys’ school and I spend 5 hours a day, 4 days a week here whenever they’re in school.

The external facade of the building is quite cool, it dates back to the 19th Century! There’s also an awesome looking reading room on the ground floor that always seems to be crowded. Anyway I’ve never done my work there because I’m always parked in the computer labs. Love the 23 inch touch screen monitors that are in the lab! Writing is more pleasant and fun when it’s done on a huge screen!

Finsbury Park

We checked out a new park today. Actually it’s not too far from our home, but we’ve not exercised here before because Regent’s Park and Hyde Park are so much nearer.

K busied with playing ball. And shooting arrow straws from a small wooden bow he made in the morning at a children’s film club activity.