Green Corridor

5km walk from home to Masjid Hang Jebat, and another 2km to Queenstown Library. Halfway through, we had lunch at Anchorpoint. Little boy was upset that he dragged him to the Green Corridor to exercise on Sunday morning. I tried to get him to wear shoes but he didn’t want to. But hey, he finished the walk!

Staycay with 婆婆

Boys went for their first staycay in this year end school holidays! It was 2D1N staycay with 婆婆 at MBS. I met them on the second day after my long run around the area.

K was happy to get out of the room. He walked around MBS with me for 2 hours so he could catch Pokemons. T just stayed in the room and refused to get out. I had to buy breakfast and lunch for him. So lazy …

Mount Faber

Exploring new places in Singapore! We were at Mount Faber last week and this week. Last week was a failed walk because we didn’t even complete 2km before it started raining heavily. Sad!

Because I really wanted to bring the boys to Henderson Waves, we found ourselves here again the moment the skies cleared up today! Our walk was 5km today. T complained about how I would always pick the longer routes. Hey, that’s because we all need to exercise to stay healthy!

Bits and Pieces in October 2020

Super busy now because I am taking an 8 week infographic course. I attend lessons via Zoom for 6 hours a week and then have to do homework in my free time. I haven’t watched Korean dramas for at least a month!

Re-discovering the Green Corridor 🙂 Been there last year with colleagues on lunch runs. But it’s so much more enjoyable to go in the evenings. I went there 3x last week!

Re-discovering oats with soy milk too. I eat it for dinner at least once a week with heaps of fruits on top!

K was busy revising for exams earlier this month. He’s all done. Grades are bad. We’ll be getting him to put in effort to revise his Lower Secondary syllabus in the year end holidays. 

Ikki Izakaya

Last Saturday, we had dinner at Ikki Izakaya @ The Metropolis. It is within walking distance from our house, but yet we’ve never tried it before. I have always assumed that this was a bar that served only alcohol. It’s not! The food selection was decent and the price was reasonable. We should be back again!

Bits and Pieces of September 2020

We are always meeting 奶奶 outside for meals, so it’s nice to eat her home-cooked food once in a while (maybe once every two months?). She always puts in the effort to cook a lot of dishes when we’re eating at her place.

My current fav fruit is pomegranate! Have been adding these pretty little things in my breakfast fruit box for two weeks already! Yumz, like how they burst in my mouth when I chew on them.

KL cooked black sesame 汤圆 with soy milk for me the other day. Super yumz!

KL and me saw many prettified rocks at Fort Siloso when we went to Sentosa on our cable car day out. Too bad for the boys that they missed it, cos they didn’t want to come along to jog with us.

Night Safari

We visited the Night Safari to cap off T’s birthday celebration! Birthday boy has never been there before, so he was really excited about the visit. There was a huge downpour from 8.30 – 9.30pm, so that was a bummer. We didn’t manage to go on the walking trail and the animal shows were also cancelled. We ended up taking the tram ride twice. Birthday boy had a pair of binoculars which meant that we could all see the animals really up close!

Cali @ Rochester

Eatigo always has 50% off at Cali @ Rochester, so we’ve been there a few times. Birthday boy is always happy to get his spaghetti bolognese fix. But I haven’t found anything in the restaurant that I really like because the vegetarian/dairy free options are really limited. Oh well, at least he’s happy with his birthday dinner.

Birthday Cable Car Ride!

Boys have never been on a cable car ride before. So the second part of T’s birthday celebration was to go on a cable car ride! The price was really reasonable. For $10, we got to enjoy a 20 minute ride along the Sentosa line, and the view of Singapore/Sentosa was great!

T is getting such a good deal for his birthday because this is the first and only birthday we’re celebrating in our nuclear family this year. The rest of us had our birthdays in the circuit breaker period, so there wasn’t much of a celebration so to speak.

Birthday Dinner with Grandmas!

Kicking off a week of celebration for T, who is turning 11 years old on Thursday. First up is a Saturday dinner with both his grandmas. It was actually nice to seat in separate tables cos this meant that we could choose from different menus. The main table had zi char buffet. Me and boys sat separately and ate from the ala carte menu instead. K was happy with his burger, I was happy with my vegetarian tofu, and T was super pleased with his humongous plate of spaghetti (which he finished). Apart from sweet and sour pork, T doesn’t like zi char at all. 可可 was super excited to be able to sing a birthday song for her 哥哥.

Hello Orchard!

Have not been to Orchard Road in such a long time. Made our way there for a staycation in the last few days of the Sep school holidays. Our accommodation was a serviced apartment very near to the Paragon. Meals were convenient because there was plenty of food and bubble tea options around. T had pasta with steak for dinner on one evening. He ate a lot of meat for such a small person, eww…. Breakfast is packed and eaten in the room. I miss buffet breakfasts!

The coat hanger in the living room was used to hang our masks. Lol, a sign of the times!

The pool at the apartment was large and nice. We managed to go twice! K didn’t swim, so he took photos for us instead.

No park connectors at Orchard, so for the adults’ morning run, we had to go quite a distance before we reached the first park – Fort Canning Park. And it kept raining, so I only managed to do one 6km run. Sedih!

Science Centre on 22 Aug 20

Throwback to last Saturday! KL and T went to the Science Centre. We haven’t been there in ages. T is still at the age where he has fun playing with exhibits.

K and me chose to go exercise instead. We left the car at the Science Centre and headed towards Jurong Lake Gardens. K skated 5km and I ran 10km. Super hot that morning, so he was very happy with the honey drink treat that I got him after the exercise!

Bits and Pieces in August 2020

Thankful for clear and beautiful skies in August. There’s Covid AND Dengue this year. Luckily no haze, phew!

T went on a Swensens date with his 婆婆. He skipped breakfast for the date so he could eat both a main and a desert, which turned out to be a big strawberry sundae.

K goes to a faraway school to learn a third language on some Thursdays. He finishes late and KL has been going to pick him up so K doesn’t need to spend another hour getting home. Along the way, they pick me home too! Sneaked a pic with K in his school uniform while he still allows me to.

I am learning Korean diligently on Duolingo still. 109 days now … and I still don’t know how long I will take before I can watch an episode of Korean drama without any subtitles.

I don’t eat cheese and chocolate cake anymore, or rather I can’t, because dairy makes me itch like mad. Pandan cakes are usually made with coconut milk instead, so they’re my go-to cake for now!

Boys finally met their cousins for a playdate to celebrate B’s birthday! Wah, the last time when they met each other was six months ago during Chinese New Year.

Random conversations with an eleven year old

5 Feb 20
(Reading Elli Belly, who has an insane amount of pets)
J: T, will you ever keep a pet?
T: No, too troublesome.

15 Feb 20
(Discussing favourite brand of potato chips)
J: Calbee is the best brand of potato chips in the world. That’s what my friend xxx says, she eats a lot of potato chips. And I like their vegetable crisps and pea crisps.
KL: I like the British Brand because the chips are thick and crunchy.
K: I like Pringles, I can sit down and eat the whole can at one go.
(KL and me discussed that Pringles chips are boring, everything is the same size and shape. So manufactured.)
T: I don’t like Pringles, because my hand is too short to reach into the can. Next time when I grow older and my hands grow longer, then they will also grow fatter and can’t fit into the can.

10 Mar 20
(I was watching a trailer of Fátima, T came to join me halfway.)
T: What is this? Fat Tima?
T: Fatty Mama.
(Me: Roll eyes)

10 Mar 20
T: You know two people in my class have fever.

Random conversations with a thirteen year old

15 Mar 20
K: Actually I don’t like BTS. Their songs are good, but they way they dance is weird.

25 Apr 20
K: You know, Singapore said all non essential stuff will be closed. And they closed schools. Means schools are non essential.
Me: *roll eyes*
T: And library is not essential.

18 May 20
K: What is the term for separating living organisms?
Me: I don’t know.
K: Racism.
Me: That’s why I don’t know. Because racism is not in my vocabulary.
K: You have a limited vocabulary.
Me: *roll eyes*

19 May 20
Me: K, you can do Tabata with T later.
K: I am doing Duolingo later.
Me: Duolingo and Tabata is not the same.
K: It is the same. It is torture.

20 May 20
T: You have to exercise after eating. You can be buff but cannot be fat.
K: Buff is no good. 没有头脑。
PP: What is buff?
T: Like Jordon Yeoh, he sells durians without a shirt.

Dairy Farm

No cows!

KL and me went for a walk at Dairy Farm Nature Park last weekend. It was less crowded than Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, but that’s because the path was not as interesting (i.e. shorter and flatter). KL thought it was dangerous to have most of the path shared with cyclists. Okay, guess we won’t be coming back here again.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

I love long weekends! Squeezed in two runs. Did a short run with KL at Kent Ridge Park, with the boys trailing behind in their slippers. Both said they enjoyed the view at the Canopy Walk. Did a longer run with girlfriends at Jurong Lake Gardens. Happy with my 59 minute timing for 10km!

Celebrated National Day well too! In the morning, T and me watched the morning parade “live” together on the laptop. He was supposed to go for the NE show this year, but of course couldn’t do so. In the evening, we made ourselves comfortable at the one-north Park opposite Star Vista at 8 plus to catch the fireworks. Though the view was partly blocked by trees, the atmosphere was nice because we were watching the fireworks with so many other people. After we headed home and had our baths, there was another surprise round of fireworks at 9 plus which we happily caught from our living room window. Double nice!

Bits and Pieces in July 2020

Did another month pass already? Now that we’re back to work/school, time seems to be speeding by.

For me, I finally had a chance to step into a library. This must be the longest break in my life not to have visited a library! Boys are not reading as much as I would like them too. But it’s still nice to go to a library to pick out a book or two. I also went out with friends for dinner for the first time in months! Had a really lovely meal of fancy Chinese food 🙂

For T, he still wants to stay home all the time (he stuck a hilarious “Bring Me Home” sticker on himself one fine day). But he’s been slightly more open with going out for meals. He’s also been complaining less about the pumpkin and carrot that I cook for him on weekends. And he had fun playing with a toy that was gifted by auntie 小霞 (he hasn’t received toys in such a long time).

For K, he’s into coding the past two weeks. He’s been busily watching YouTube videos to do this and that, and discovering Python again. So much better than being glued to his phone. I totally support this new hobby!


We went on a short staycation over the July school holidays! Boys watched a lot of TV and spent a lot of time lounging around in the room. Going to the pool was troublesome because only 5 people were allowed to be at the pool at any one time, so we had to “queue”. T managed to go for two short swims. No buffet breakfasts, so we ordered our items and collected to eat in the room.

We stayed near Arab Street, and I had fun exploring the area. Haven’t been there in years! I also managed to squeeze in a 6km run with KL and a 12km run by myself. Happy!

Weekends are for …

Playing! Auntie 小霞 bought a toy for the boys. K has outgrown such toys but T hasn’t. T also made me play snake and ladders with him a few times last weekend.

Cooking! T eats very little vegetables. For the past few weekends, I’ve been boiling veg and blending them up for his pasta. He’s been taking more pumpkin and carrot lately, but hates celery (doesn’t like the fibre) and zucchini (doesn’t like the colour).

Learning! K is addicted to using his his phone. It’s a lot of nagging on our part to get him to stop playing games. Last weekend, he picked up a new skill — stitching. He repaired Pokemon’s damaged tail, lol! As for me, I’m having fun learning Korean on Duolingo. On a 70 day streak now, but am getting stuck at numbers and prepositions …

Bits and Pieces in June 2020

There were many evenings in June where the sky was awash with beautiful colours! Glad to be able to catch these right from our living room!

We went to the One North Park a few times in June. Just cos its nearby and always empty.

KL bought me flowers for my birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary! The flowers came with a snazzy love ornament that lights up nicely in the dark.

I couldn’t find frozen eel during the entire CB period. Bought and cooked it the minute NTUC started stocking it again!

T and K went for their first staycation in months …. at their 婆婆’s house in Clementi!

There was one crazy weekend morning in June where I decided to complete my weekend long run downstairs. So I ran 7 rounds around Singapore Poly to complete a 21km run. It was so boring after a while. And there was a rooster that kept crowing everytime I passed a certain gate at the school. Poor rooster had to crow so many times, lol!

Fruits and Vegetables!

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables still! Am vegetarian 6 days a week, and have just started eating bits of fish/chicken on Saturdays. Which actually just means picking at the meat I see at family meals, but I won’t go out of the way to order any for myself.

Discovered a vegetarian bakery at 奶奶’s neighbourhood recently. Love their egg free and dairy free cakes! Yumz, have been eating a lot of chocolate cake recently 🙂

Back to school!

Back to school! Jump for joy! The schools have staggered their reporting timings, so I leave the house with T (starts school at 7.30am) while K goes by himself (starts school at 8.30am).

My boss at work gifted all of us really pretty masks … mine is bright and cheery in canary yellow! The boys came back with so much hand sanitizer on Friday. We’ll just to have give it away since we don’t even use it.

Bits and Pieces in May 2020

Snapped a pic of the living room on a rare day where the wooden platform was super duper neat!

KL bought a huge pork knuckle for dinner a few weeks back. Argh, so oily but I think T ate a lot of it.

I recycled a LiHo tea cup. And when I make iced honey green tea with aloe vera for the boys, it looks just like the real deal!

T has not gone on a car ride for a super long time. Caught him surfing Google street views on a random day … moving along almost like he’s in a car being driven around!

Can’t eat out so when we feel like eating Jap or Korean, delivery is the only option! We had a super colourful dinner from Watami the other day … argh can’t wait to go out for a proper Jap or Korean meal after CB ends!

There is a smallish rooftop garden on the 10th floor of our HDB carpark. We went there a few times recently to walk and see the skies change colour in the evening! Nice!

So much love!

And we’re heading into the last week of CB. The boys have never had so much home-cooked food before. So much love from their 婆婆! They’ve also been snuggling in with her at bedtime and sleeping in the same room, just cos they can. They are so going to miss her when she moves home after CB ends.

Celebrations in May!

Plenty of celebrations in May!

Lewis turned a year older. No social gatherings, but ice cream delivery is allowed. So I got to see the birthday boy for 2 minutes!

It was a mammoth task to get a regular cake this Mother’s Day. So we settled for a really small block of carrot cake from a Clementi bakery. For the price we paid, the cake turned out to be really yummy 🙂

K continued to have his belated birthday presents arrive through delivery. Apart from the magic toys, he also received a punching bag and an archery set from KL. Argh so noisy when he punches/kicks non-stop!

KL and me turned a year older. No holidays, no staycations, no nice restaurant meals, but a jolly good celebration still! Shall post about it soon …