Chinese Orchestra

Boys joined a two-session music appreciation program last month. Program was conducted by the big boys and girls from Eunoia Junior College’s Chinese Orchestra. At the end of the program, all of them played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together. Not too bad!


Fatty Tuna

Snaps from our weekend runs, including one in Kuala Lumpur.

The boys will run for food. That’s a ginormous plate of fatty tuna for KL. He’s the only one who like fatty tuna sushi in our family.


T lives to eat and K eats to live. T is truly the foodie in our family.

His days are regulated by his meals. When he’s halfway through his lunch, he’ll already be asking you what’s for dinner. If it’s a new pack of anything that appears in our kitchen, he can be trusted to be the first to check it out. He’s even good at reading food labels and making sure that he doesn’t pick up anything that he’s allergic to (nuts still make him puke, too much soy makes him puke too).

He discovered chili in October and there is no turning back. He absolutely loves dry mee kia with chili!

Bits and Pieces in October 2018

Cards. K’s friends came over to play cards on one of the days when there was no school. Apparently this Buddy Fight card game is really popular now. We didn’t want to buy it for him, so he dipped into his own savings and got a classmate to buy it for him instead.

Crematorium. Time flies. It’s exactly a year since 爷爷 passed on. We visited his niche to say hi.

Car. Surprised that the two of them could still fit into the kiddy car ride. They looked really pleased with it even though it was stationary.

Child. It’s good to be a child in Singapore. You get to go to school and you get lots of love from your teachers (on Children’s Day and everyday). Lucky children!


Boys joined a 5 week mini squash program. T only likes it a little bit, and complains about not wanting to go on some weeks. K is a different story. He took to the game very well, upgraded to an older class by the third week, and wants to continue playing. Program has stopped because of the year end exams, so will get K to continue playing when it’s November!

Bye, Bumblebee!

29Sep18Bumblebee has been bringing us places for three years. KL smashed the front passenger window in Aug, and because Bumblebee’s COE is expiring next year, we decided to get a new car altogether.

Bumblebee took us to Kent Ridge Park yesterday. After our jog, boys sat on top of the car to watch the sunset. It’s the last time we’re riding in it together. Nice way to say goodbye to our car!


runningsep18I like our exercise routine. On Saturdays when the weather is good, we all go running. And the weather has been good every Saturday … for months. Running is the generic term that I use, when actually only the adults are really running, K is either on his scooter or a skateboard, T is on his bicycle.

30 Jun 18 –  Home to Liang Court. 8km. Boys like to eat sushi and drink fruit juice there.

13 Aug 18 – Home to Park Hotel. 4km. I like the kimchee pancake at the Korean restaurant there.

25 Aug 18 – Home to Liang Court. 8km. Sushi and fruit juice again.

22 Sep 18 – Home to Alexandra Retail Centre. 6km. KL likes this mall because it is quiet.

Happy 9th Birthday!

T turned 9 today! It was Monday so he went to school as usual. KL took the day off and organized a small party in the afternoon. There were the three of them, a party banner, lunch, a movie of T’s choice. Lunch was apparently so heavy (lagsana and pizza) that T skipped dinner! That’s a first for T.

In the evening, T opened his presents and was mighty pleased with the remote control car that K bought for him with his savings. He said that this was his best ever present. His other presents were a marble run, small Pokemon figurines, a Roald Dahl joke book, $20 ang pow, and a birthday card signed by the whole family.

We also sang him the usual birthday song with 9 small candles. Asked him to wish that he would never be addicted to computer games (not sure if he really wished that).

Before he went to bed, T rated his birthday celebration 10 out of 10, yippee!

Menya Musashi

Boys recently discovered that they like ramen. So we had dinner at the nearest nicest ramen restaurant … to celebrate the last Friday that T is an 8 year old!

Why ramen? It’s a long story. Boys have been telling lies and cheating us for a few months. They were sneakily accessing the Internet after school when nobody else was at home with them. They played computer games. We found out, scolded them, they played again, we found out, scolded them, they played again … and the cycle continued. Many exhausting weeks of scolding later, we finally decided that we had no choice but to physically remove the modem wire from their modem EVERY SINGLE DAY before we go to work. We really wanted to be able to trust them by having the laptops and modem in plain sight. We gave them to many chances and taught them to be self-motivated not to fall into the trap. But T just could not resist the free cheese in the trap.

As a result, we banned them from eating their favourite food till next year September. K cannot eat udon and T cannot pasta. Within just a fortnight, they discovered ramen because well …. I think it is the closest match to udon and pasta. Wonder what other new food loves they would discover in the whole year.


Admiralty Park

Met with cousins at Admiralty Park over the Sep school holidays weekend. It was a super long drive from home to the park, almost as if we were driving to Johor.

T said the park was very good. K said that the park had lots of slides that were fun. Sigh, their vocabulary is so limited.

Bangkok in September 2018

First trip to Bangkok for the boys. K really likes the mangoes that are found in Thailand. He eats them at breakfast and dinner everyday, and asks for mango smoothies when we are in the malls.

Nice and cosy eatery (Madam Somtum) near our service apartment. Boys complained about the strong smell in the restaurant. I remembered that when I first visited Bangkok, I too found the fish sauce smell to be pungent. I’ve since gotten used to it!

Laser game at LazGam Bangkok. We played three rounds, and the boys were easy targets for the other adults, lol!

Malacca in August 2018

Always enjoy visiting Malacca. We drove up over the National Day long weekend. Tried out a newish hotel in town – DoubleTree Hilton. Boys were enamored with the Nintendo Switches at the Kids’ Club. 9Aug18.jpg
Spotted this waterfall outside the Illusion 3D Art Museum in Malacca. T said he’s flying.

Was at Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant for dinner one evening. Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable, will definitely visit again the next time we pop by Malacca.

Was at Jonker Street Night Market for dinner on another evening. T still likes chicken rice balls v much, he can eat 6 at one go. Along the night market, lots of sweets treats for the boys and lots of savoury treats for me!



T had swollen gums around March this year. We got a referral to the dental clinic at NUH just to check if it was serious. Kept putting off the appointment after the swell went away.

Finally visited the clinic in June, and after all his checks, quite a lot of cavities were found (swollen gums were due to a particular teeth causing abscess). Since then we’ve been back to the clinic thrice and he’s also visited his school dental clinic once to fix the teeth ONE BY ONE.

And guess what? This boy loves visiting his dentist! He remembers the date of his appointments and keeps reminding us about it. He likes it that his dentist keeps praises him for sitting still (nobody every praises him that), praises him for being so brave, praises him for being such a good boy.

He has made up his mind that he wants to be a dentist when he grows up.

Bits and Pieces in July 2018


K tried to make a crossbow with ice cream sticks and glue. Attempt failed. He made one eventually with wooden planks and rubber bands.

Boys played Pokemon cards and country erasers on a lazy Saturday afternoon. K made props to organize the game.

T had a Chinese homework to make a national day card for a friend. He was reluctant to even get started and K ended up doing it all.

The Three Idiots

21Apr18Not the Bollywood Movie, but a series of comics that K drew. He found an appreciative reader in his brother.

Comics are a big part of K’s life. He especially likes Tin Tin (racist but still acceptable), Asterix (when he can’t find Tin Tin) and Marvel (which we don’t like, told him to read less).

Air Zone

Met with cousins at City Square Mall for last minute shopping before school reopens. K needed wet shoes, tops, bottoms for P5 school camp. Cousins went TWICE to the Air Zone. Plenty of nets, plenty of balls, plenty of fun!

Bits and Pieces in May 2018

MayCollageAn owl sent a letter to us last month to invite K to Hogwarts. Letter was signed off by Dumbledore, lol!

T went for his first CCA camp last month. Heard from him that there was climbing and games at camp. He had rave reviews about the camp!

Four time a year, there a “Eat with Your Family Day” and I get to leave work early. Weekday dinners now involve my mum too, because she’s moved in totally to stay with us.

Tourist-ing in Siem Reap

Weather is scorching hot in Siem Reap! Weather averages 33 degrees in the day time, so it’s either that we’re sweating it out in a temple or cooling it off in the hotel pool. I definitely will be at least two shades darker after the trip! After 5.30pm is when most tourist-y activities start.

31May18On one of the evenings, we went for a traditional Khmer dancing (apsara) performance. Dinner was included in the performance and I was only too happy to try the local food! Cambodia’s most famous dish is fish amok or steamed curried fish. The fish is coated in a thick coconut milk and steamed/baked in a banana leaf cup.

31May18aOn another evening, we visited the tourist-y Pub Street. T had a bucket list of things to try after he watched a YouTube video about Siem Reap before the trip. He was mighty happy to find a crocodile burger and ice cream rolls on Pub Street. After Pub Street, we went to the night market for a walk, but the items sold were knick-knacks that I couldn’t really use, so we went home empty handed.


30May18And finally, the last temple we visited was Bayon Temple. It was a big site, and it sits in the middle of the huge Angkor Thom complex.  Bayon’s most distinctive features are the massive stone faces that grace its towers.

30May18aI’m not sure if T meant it, but every time I hear him talk about the temples, I hear “Uncle What” (Angkor Wat) and “Uncle Tom” (Angkor Thom).

This point struck me when I went through the photos again. We came across many segments in various temples where rocks were piled haphazardly around neatly constructed walls/walkways. Definitely seems like some form of a reconstruction effort going about. Wonder what these will do to the facade in a few years’ time.

Angkor Wat

29May18Beautiful. Glad we visited Angkor Wat on the second day, instead of the first. Otherwise, we’ll be overwhelmed and not enjoy the smaller temples as much.

29May18aAngkor Wat was amazingly well preserved. We hired an English speaking guide to bring us around. Fun facts we picked up from our guide – how to use the panorama feature on the phone, how it took only 37 years to build the temple, how the stones with holes were transported by elephants, why so many things are symmetrical inside, what are the five levels of greeting in Cambodia.

Angkor Archaelogical Park

28May18aWe went temple hopping today. Visited Preah Khan (large and flat), Neak Poan (small, surrounded by water), East Mebon (my favourite, intricate carvings), Pre Rep (had to climb), Ta Prohm (tree temple, tomb raider style).

28May18It was considered a tour because we booked a tuk tuk to bring us around the whole day. But we had no English speaking guide, so we downloaded an app on the temples and spent a few minutes to read the key features of the temples before we stepped in. Not ideal, but at least that allowed us to walk at the pace we wanted.

28May18bK liked the tuk tuk driver v much. He didn’t go to three of the temples. He opted to stay behind on the tuk tuk to snack and chat with the driver. Driver even let K try out his hammock!