Big Box!

KL bought something that came with a really big box. T was pleased that he could fit the whole of himself into the box, and spent a good half hour playing with it.

K wasn’t home, as he has been going out with his friends after his PSLE. I guess for T, playing a box is funner than playing with no one or nothing at all, lol!

Bits and Pieces in September 2019

And we’re done with PSLE. K put in his fair share of effort, so I hope he gets a score that reflects that.

I’m still drinking matcha latte, and my go-to place on weekday lunches is a smallish cafe at Sunset Way.

T leaves notes for me sometimes. The notes are hilarious because they look ugly plus sound bad (i.e. grammatically off). Luckily he doesn’t do the same for compositions — they look and sound normal.


The two of went shopping today! I had to get a new pair of running shoes. He had to get out of the house, so the brother can revise for exams in peace.

We had a lot of fun trying out HelloWeen masks at Daiso!

Happy 10th Birthday!

T turned TEN today!

In the morning, he went to school as usual. After that, he had spaghetti for lunch, watched a movie (Venom), and had an ice lolly! In the evening, he had spaghetti for dinner, a smallish birthday celebration with jellies, and a massive good time unwrapping all his presents. He received so many presents this year from his family!

There is this new remote controlled mouse that skits around the house. I’m trying to avoid getting touched by it!

9+ year old boy!

The 9 year old boy is turning 10 tomorrow! It was a bittersweet moment when we all kissed him goodnight just now, because once he turns 10, he’ll never be a single digit again …

I have so many pictures of him eating because that’s what he does like ALL the time. He likes his pastas and noodles, and dislikes vegetables still). He likes his cutesy t-shits, and dislikes doing homework still.

Birthday Meals!

Friday dinner at Yomenya Goemon. Birthday boy likes the spicy arrabiata pasta there – with lots of sausages and no mushrooms.

Saturday lunch at Marche. Birthday boy was teaching 可可 how to count, and sneakily trying to confuse her with his fingers!

Sunday dinner at Pops’. Nice and cosy celebration with the immediate family to end off the weekend!

Eating with my family

“Eat With Your Family Day” comes by four times a year, on the Friday before the March/June/September/December holidays. Our office shuts down at 4pm so everyone gets to go home and eat with their fam. Such a great initiative!

Boys had no school today, they picked me at work and we checked out a restaurant at Rochester.

Found a post of us eating ten years ago!

National Museum of Singapore

I gave T a museum visit voucher for his birthday two years back, but he never got around to claiming it. Today we finally decided to make a trip to the museum – just the two of us! The two of us are museum buffs, the other two people at home less so. Anyway the other two had to stay home because there was a lot of Chinese to revise for PSLE.

It was a fun visit for me and T. He especially liked a climate change exhibit where a lot of wind was just blowing on a lot of plastic sheets to depict climate change. Wah, there was really a lot of wind for 12 minutes straight! He didn’t like this dark forest exhibit because he said it gave him motion sickness. I liked this 1980s local entertainment exhibit quite a bit, because it really reminded me that so much of my childhood revolved around watching Channel 8 dramas!

Labrador Park

This park is nice! It is going to get a lot more crowded when projects in the Greater Southern Waterfront starts popping up.

Oh well. It’s still ulu and quiet now. We played with a frisbee today. Then adults went for our usual jog while boys chose to stay behind to play in the playground. They are biggish, but still like to play in playgrounds!

Bits and Pieces in August 2019

Feast. 奶奶 cooked a feast last weekend. Love her soups! T didn’t like her food though. He had takeaway sushi instead. Hmrpf …

Lamp. Caught T hugging a lamp one day. He actually told me that was “A day in the Life of a Lamp”. Oooo so random!

Curry. Took a snap of my mum’s fish curry dish because it looked so nice on her checkered table cloth!

Matcha. I am soooo crazy about matcha latte now! It’s burning a hole in my pocket. I think about having matcha latte at lunch everyday! Discovered a super nice cafe at Sunset Way this week and have been there twice in a row already …

Chinese. I still read to the boys every night if I can. Sometime in the beginning of this year, we switched to reading Chinese books with 汉语拼音. It was not very pleasant initially. They were then receiving ‘C’ grades in Chinese. They absolutely did not enjoy the reading. But through many months of hard work in school, plenty of coaching from KL, plenty of coaching from their Chinese tutor, and extra exposure through my reading … they are both receiving ‘B’ grades! Wah, with a bit more effort, there is a glimmer of hope for an ‘A’ grade in K’s PSLE!


Drove up to Malacca over the long weekend. We went in early on Thursday (no jam), came back early on Monday (3 hour jam). Boys skipped their National Day celebration in school, which wasn’t a nice thing to do, but we really didn’t want to get stuck for many hours at the checkpoints.

KL took the boys out to watch two movies – Fast & Furious, Spider-Man. We also walked a lot more than I expected. We ditched the car and walked about 4 – 6km daily to get to places. Afternoons are perpetually hot in Malaysia, so we got the boys a lot of juices, cold drinks, sorbets to keep them hydrated (and to keep T from complaining).

Met up with a friend for dinner at Jonker Street. Half of Singapore is there! Sighz, we didn’t get to eat chicken rice balls on this trip because all the nice eateries had snaking queues. On the upside, we ate a lot of fast food and discovered that the chicken they serve at Nandos and KFC in Malaysia is super yumz!

Bukit Timah Hill

Have been modifying my weekend exercise routine. It started with the boys having to go for Chinese tuition on Saturday mornings. Because their teacher stays in Bukit Timah, so me and KL would use those few hours to try out the trails at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. We like the Dairy Farm Loop and did that twice!

Last weekend, I jio-ed a group of colleagues to go on an even longer walk. We started at MacRitchie, went though the Tree Top Walk, went through Rifle Range Road to get to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. 12 km in all, and a good 3 hour workout with colleagues!

Mad about Scrabble!

Scrabble was my favourite game when I was young. My mum introduced the game to me, and I started playing from about 11 till 15 years old. Stopped just before school got really busy with my ‘O’ levels and somehow didn’t pick it up again.

Two months back, two colleagues jio-ed me to play and ooo … it’s been exceedingly fun! We play on an app, we play at lunch, and I also started memorising lists to improve my score. My favourite list so far is an esoteric one with Hebrew letters!

I would consider K and T to be “hooked” too. They play with each other (and with a bot named Zoey) on an app and occasionally they play a physical game with me. There was a Sunday where K even started counting the probability of getting certain letters. That was quite geeky!

On the left was a game that K and me played. He had no time limit, was allowed to cheat on an unscrambling site, while I wasn’t allowed to refer to lists, and had to finish a turn in 1 minute. He had two bingos and beat me 404 to 310 in the game, lol!


Plenty of things are happening here.

This is a fighting and war scene. There is a (spider)man trying to pull another man down a tank. There is a man trying to flame another man. There is a (ninja)man trying to stab another man,

Random conversations with a ten year old

23 Mar 19
(Walked past a video shop, T saw Crazy Rich Asians on sale. He knew I read the book and that I watched the movie on a recent holiday.)
T: You know, I saw Crazy Rich Asians in the shop.
Me: Yah, I watched the show on a flight recently.
T: I know. Are there terrorists in the show?
Me: Huh? Of course not!
T: Is there fighting in the show?
Me: Noooo…..
T: Then it is a boring show.

24 Mar 19
Me: How was your (Chinese) tuition? Did you learn anything?
T: I don’t like to go to her house. I have no energy there.
T: After I leave her house, I have energy again.
*Roll my eyes at him*

12 Apr 19
(Talking about loops. T said he memorised the entire book “If you give a mouse a cookie”, which I read to him years ago)
T: If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for some milk. And then with the milk, he’ll ask for a straw. And then when he finish the milk, he’ll go to see if he has a milk moustache. Then he will see in the mirror that his hair is too long. Then he will cut it. After that, he will clean the floor cos of the hair on the floor. And then he’ll be tired and ask to go to bed. Then he will go and ask you to read a book to him. Then he will want to draw a picture in the book. When he finish drawing, he will put it on the fridge. When he look at the fridge, it would remind him of food. Then he would ask for a glass of milk and a cookie to go with it.
Me: Bad mouse.
T: The cycle.

Mid Jun 19
(Just before bed time)
T: Are there bad activities tomorrow, like (Chinese) tuition and all that?
*Roll my eyes at him*

Early June 2019
(Walking past a building site)
T: Why is a building called a building? It is already built.
Me: Because English is bad…
K: Why is a ceiling called a ceiling if it is already sealed?

29 Jun 19
T: I like Singapore Dover because the air is clean and there are not a lot of people.
T: And if there are more people, there will be more carbon dioxide.

Random conversations with a twelve year old

6 Mar 19
K: What am I like as a person? (Can’t remember his exact question, but it was something to this effect)
Me: You are analytical, you like to ask questions about everything that you see. You like to look for patterns, across numbers, and you like to draw connections between things.
(After 5 minutes of other random conversations about others at home…)
KL: You are also emotional.
Me: That means you can sense emotions that other people feel. And people like that usually make a lot of friends, like you.

*For the record, we concluded that K is analytical and emotional. I am extroverted and optimistic. KL is analytical, practical, and introverted. T is a foodie, for lack of better descriptives, lol!

5 Apr 19
(Sitting in front of a messy dining table covered by school work, stationery, etc)
Me: Pack the dining table please. If you have a clear table, you will have a clear mind.
K: Does it mean that if the table is empty, I will have an empty mind?
Me: *roll eyes*


We discovered this new ice cream place at West Coast which makes quite a few types of sorbet … strawberry, chocolate, lemon. Great for K, since he is still allergic to dairy.

But their milk based gelatos are not that fantastic. I have already been there twice, but not found a flavour that I like yet.

Bits and Pieces in June 2019

Schools hols are over! KL worked really short hours this June, so he spent a lot of time with the boys. We ate so many times at NUS this school hols because K signed up for a week long math program there. I think I am quite sick of the food at UTown already.

T did not have any holiday programs at all. We made him read a lot. And of course, he was also busy eating his free time away because he does still want to get fat.

Me and boys are totally addicted to playing scrabble the past few weeks! It started with me downloading an app (my first ever game app) to play with a few friends at work. And then both boys caught the scrabble bug too! We also have a physical game at home. And K beat me in the game above with two bingos!

Bye Okinawa!

Ending with a parting shot of some of our meals in Okinawa. The most famous Okinawa dish is stir fried bitter gourd (goya) with eggs and tofu and spam … reminds me of a typical “菜饭” dish. I enjoy eating bitter gourd so that was my standard order at local restaurants. My boys obviously did not think the same, they had so much trouble looking for udon … which does not exist in local restaurants because soba is the main noodle they serve.

Fruits were notoriously expensive. We had to wait till we got to the more ulu parts of Okinawa before we could get more reasonably priced apples and melon.

T’s favourite eatery was Yoshinoya! He thinks the beef bowls in Okinawa tastes fab and he rates it “more than five stars”!


We stayed in Motobu town in the second half of our trip. It was so far from everywhere that we had to drive quite a bit even to get to the supermarket. And wow, the supermarket had a great view of the Motobu Okinawa Sesoku Bridge!

Cape Zampa

The last touristy place we visited before we returned the car.

The waves were strong and crashing into the rocks when we got there. There was a lighthouse, but me and KL didn’t go up. Not wise to linger too long at the cape because it was threatening to rain, plus the boys were waiting for us in the car.

Zakimi Castle

Our last day sightseeing in Okinawa. We checked out of our Motobu accommodation and drove back to Naha. Along the way, we stopped at Zakimi Castle ruins, another UNESCO world heritage site. There are 9 such sites in Okinawa, and we managed to visit 3 on this trip.

The Zakami Castle ruins weren’t sprawling, and you could literally walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes. Still, it was a nice walk if you think about how the whole place is steeped in history. 

T was still feeling unwell, so he and K stayed in the car while me and KL took a short walk around the ruins.

Cape Hedo

KL and K went to Cape Hedo today. According to KL, this was the most scenic drive among all the days we spent in Okinawa. From the Cape, there were great views of the sea, mountain, cliff. They also went to Daisekirinzan, a tourist spot that KL described as “cheesy”. But the views from the mountains were apparently “wow”. 

Anyway, me and T were homebound today. Boys really are taking turns to be sick on this trip. T woke up feeling bad and absolutely leave the house. He didn’t even want to eat pasta, and just survived on two small jellies the whole morning (he puked that out later). He didn’t have a fever, so I just let him nap the whole day while I caught up on dramas. I watched a lot of dramas on this trip because I spent three whole days indoors! T was able to take a small portion of rice and beef (from his favourite Yoshinoya) in the late evening, so I think he’s going to get better tomorrow!