Shopping at Habourfront/Vivo

None of the April mums/babies could make it for the meetup today, so mama and me did a little shopping at Habourfront/Vivo on our own. Our first stop was at Bubblebuds, where mama bought her first pair of maternity jeans exactly 2 years ago. The shop’s closing down though, and everything was on sale.

Our next shop was at a toy shop with lots of toys that looked like they were all manufactured in China.

Visiting a mall on a weekday is great! Habourfront was practically deserted, so I’ve got a lot of space to run about!

In fact, even the Fox outlet at Vivocity was unusually quiet. There were huge piles of clothes on discount, but other than us, there were not many other customers in sight.

I kept myself entertained by running in and out of the empty fitting rooms while mama searched the big pile of baby clothes for good finds. Every few seconds or so, I would pop my head out of the fitting room that I’m in to check that mama is still there by the pile of clothes.

**PS: Given that I was well-behaved today, mama managed to buy a top and a bottom for me, one top for Leticia and Brayven each, one bandeau bra for herself, baskets from Daiso, as well as a Carl’s Junior meal for papa.


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