CNY at Ang Mo Kio

We visited papa’s cousin in the late afternoon. This is the view from her 25th floor flat.

I remembered to bring two oranges with me this time round. Ermm, excuse the teddy puff in my mouth though =P

Tried to befriend a couple of arowanas who don’t seem to be very receptive.

Maybe giving pooh bear a hug would be a better idea!

Here’s what I enjoyed doing during CNY – playing mahjong! Sat for a really long time beside nai nai while she played. Stayed very patient and quiet while I helped her to keep stock of her flowers and her chips. This included arranging them in order, stacking them on top of each other, and shuffling them around in my little corner at the side of the table.

After a prolonged period at the mahjong table, I finally decided to move on to kiddier pursuits.

Was extremely hungry, and ate 1/2 an adult’s portion of rice for dinner. Had mandarin orange and chrysanthemum tea as well. Was pretty phlegmy after that and puked a couple of mouthfuls of my dinner out …

Other than this little mishap, I had a good CNY! Some of my favourite things include stuffing my face with strawberries, drinking chrysanthemum tea from the carton, playing with my cousins’ toys, and playing mahjong of course!


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