Kaizer’s 2nd Birthday: Celebration in School

My toddler classmates waiting in anticipation for their slice of the cake!

Huff, puff, and blow the candles out!

Made an incision into the cake with relative ease, since the agar agar was very soft.

Handing out a party pack to Jayden …

… and to the rest of the class …

… while lao shi was busy dishing out cakes.

Papa sneaking behind me while I was busy with my cake. Ps: Yellow box contains my gift at this party – a Charlie & Lola smallish library set.


Family pic for the record!

Getting a second helping from lao shi.

Klaudia enjoyed her cake immensely, since she’s allergic to diary products like me and have to give the usual party treats a miss. She too had an agar agar cake for her own b-day last month =)

Feeding a few strips to mama after I’ve had my fill.

Jayden wanted to help himself to a third helping when lao shi left the table. Luckily she discovered him on time!

Jayden fed me water from my bottle after the party …

He looks happy to do so. I fed him water from his bottle in return!

Woah, not an easy feat to climb down a long flight of stairs whilst holding a box.

Hope my folks at Bukit Batok will like the leftover cake I lugged home for them =)


5 thoughts on “Kaizer’s 2nd Birthday: Celebration in School

  1. Yeah, Kaizer
    Your folks will surely love ur agar agar cake.
    3 more days and u are officially 2.
    Raphael wish u Happy Birthday in advance.

  2. It’s from Mr and Mrs James Chan – dunno if it’s the same “Chan” that you’re referring to =) Delivery was done by a male person, we topped up $5 for delivery to the school.

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