Review of Siloso Beach Resort in Sentosa

It took us quite a while to get to the resort, which was located two tram stops away from the Sentosa Express station. Here’s the entrance to the beach resort.

The entire resort had a rather natural and rugged feel to it, since there was foliage everywhere.

Was shocked that the shared spaces in the resort were entirely non-air conditioned (lift lobbies, corridors and cafe). While this was really environmentally friendly, it was a pain on the first day when the weather was sweltering hot.

Room was tinier than I expected …

… but the comfortable bed more than made up for it. Only grouse – the floor was carpeted; would have been more eco if it wasn’t.

Jacuzzi was located at the second level of our suite. The layout reminded me of the Banyan Tree seaside villa at Bintan. I much preferred the jacuzzi at Siloso Beach Resort though, as it was newer and visibly cleaner.

View from the jacuzzi (PS: From where we sat, we could actually the fireworks from the musical performance at night.)

Outdoor gym which looked rather under-utilized by the hotel guests.

Pool area was surrounded by lots and lots of trees …

… and here’s our favourite part of the pool – the slides! Behind the slide’s a waterfall feature that’s eight stories high.

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