Visit to por por’s house

Titus and me made a trip to por por’s house on Sunday morning to bring Kaizer home, as well as to allow kong kong to meet Titus.

The little one tried out the baby cot that had once belonged to Kaizer, and prior to that, their cousins Jing Yi and Jing Hong.

He also tried out what used to be Kaizer’s favourite chair at Bukit Batok. This rocker’s a gift from auntie Jennie, and we’ve since bought it home to Dover so that Titus can sit on it and “join in” family activities in the evening.

The visit to por por’s house was, for the most part, uneventful. Titus being a sleepy head, spent his entire day snoozing on the bed.

I’m not sure if a newborn baby is capable of dreaming, but if it is possible, Titus must be having a very sweet dream here.


5 thoughts on “Visit to por por’s house

  1. oh.. pupsik. think i hv not seen it during Dillion’s infant days. and it becoming very popular now.. will prolly get it when i hv baby no. 2!! seem like veryone is using it

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