Visit to the PD

Went over to NUH on Monday for Titus’ scheduled PD appointment. Kok Loon couldn’t send us to the hospital because he’s nursing a fever and cough, so we walked over instead.

Didn’t have any problems on the journey there as the sleepy boy snoozed contentedly in the pouch.

Nurse removing his romper and socks in this picture so that she can weigh him on the scales.

He’s lost about 6% of his body weight since delivery. PD said that this is an acceptable range, and that we should expect him to gain some weight soon.

PD assessed that he had moderate jaundice, so we were sent to the laboratory to do a heel prick test.

Jaundice level was found to be 198. I’ve been told to monitor him for two days, and to come back for a  follow-up appointment if he’s found to be yellow-er. PS: He is currently a tad yellower than Monday, so I’ll be calling the clinic later to get him an appointment slot tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Visit to the PD

  1. jane, the nurse did not remove the clip on the belly button when you 1st discharge titus? can’t remember oredi or was it suppose to be removed by the PD after a week?

    • Justina: The clip’s for th umbilical cord. We were discharged together with it. Same case for Kaizer. It will automatically drop off in a couple of days time. In fact, ours dropped off in the afternoon.

  2. Hey Jane, you’re looking great! And got a new sling there i see!

    And hello there Titus!!! You’re looking quite different from Kaizer 🙂 Hope to meet you soon!

    This wordpress thing looks interesting. I’ve been thinking of changing away from blogspot too cos its not so friendly sometimes. Will explore this option!

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