Cousins at play

There were a few April 07 toddlers at the party, but Kaizer didn’t interact with them much because he hasn’t met them for such a loooong time. He was happy to be playing with his cousin Leticia though.

I think he’s spewing some instructions to Leticia here, though I can’t make out what he tried to say.

Halfway through the party, he held her hand and brought her for a walk around the restaurant. So sweet!

After Leticia and family left, he learnt from his older cousin Bryan how to play with trains.

I have no idea what they are snatching, but I did saw Kaizer stuff some breakfast Os inside one of the transport carriages. He must have remembered from one of the books we have at home that Thomas and Percy are always transporting items around.

He looked like he had so much fun that the next time we head to the departmental store, I might bring him over to the train section to see if he wants to get a little set to play with at home.

He gave kor kor a big hug when it was time to go home =)


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