Staycation at Royal Plaza on the Scotts

These are backdated pics from two weekends ago. Kaizer has this routine of “calling por por” whenever he manages to get hold of a phone during our staycations. We do not have a landline at home, else he would be “calling por por” everyday.

We went out for dinner on Sunday evening, and Orchard Road was really peaceful and nice with only 50% of the shops being open for business on the second day of CNY.

Kaizer spied this giant candle display at the hotel lobby and wanted so much to blow the tealight candles out. We managed to stop him from doing so, even though he tried to reason with us that another boy was allowed to blow one set of candles out (before his parents stopped him).

He had a lot of fun in the tub as usual …

Trying to spread the jam onto his bread, which he eventually did not eat. Breakfast for him on the second morning consisted of bee hoon and lots of fruits.


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