Weekend activities

We had an packed weekend. On Friday, we bought Titus out for lunch with Kok Loon’s current lab mates. Kaizer didn’t come along because he insisted on spending Thursday night at my mum’s place. After lunch we dropped Titus off at my mum’s place and bought Kaizer out to Marina Barrage to fly kites with Kok Loon’s previous lab mates. Good move on hindsight because the Marina Barrage much too hot and crowded for a baby. On Saturday, my mum and Kaizer showed up for their usual playdate at Leticia’s place while Kok Loon and I bought Titus in search for a good burger joint (after Thursday’s mediocre lunch). On Sunday, Leticia came over for a playdate. I considered popping by a nearby mall to get a cake for all so that the family could have a little birthday celebration for Kaizer 3 days before he turned 3. But in between feeding Titus his meals and haggling with Kaizer over his bad behaviour, I decided to take a long afternoon nap instead and forget about the entire celebration idea. In any case, there’s still a small celebration in school this Wednesday. Since Kok Loon and myself are both not a big fan of elaborate birthday parties, a small celebration in school is about as much as the boys can get from us in the years to come.

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