Mad Jack Cafe

After the unsatisfying burger he had on Thursday, Kok Loon decided that we should try the burgers at the Mad Jack Cafe.

So the three of us (sans Kaizer who was at Leticia’s house) took off to Bukit Timah on Saturday evening in search of a good burger.

Titus checking out the extensive and slightly weird menu.

I had a salad which came with strawberries, peaches, broccoli, raisins and coleslaw tossed together and drizzled with a yogurt dressing. Weird right?

I didn’t enjoy my main course, which was baked rice with fish/mushroom, because it was too dry. Luckily the desert wasn’t too bad =)

And here’s the blue mountain beef burger that enticed Kok Loon to drag me/Titus to this Aussie joint. It tasted way better than the one he had at Tony Roma’s!

Kok Loon entertaining Titus towards the end of our meal because he was unusually fussy in his high chair.

Happy father after the meal. Happy baby after the entertainment.


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