The little ones have never watched a movie before. So a couple of Saturdays ago, we brought them to the company clubhouse to watch Up. I thought the film was really good, even though none of us managed to sit through the entire film. Titus and me had to go out for a 10 minute walk halfway through just so that I could get him to nap in the ergo. Kok Loon also took a 10 minute nap himself since the dark room and couch were so inviting. Kaizer was alright in the first 15 minutes but turned all jittery after he found out from my narration about Ellie’s miscarriage and demise. Thereafter, he could not stop asking me “why did she die?”, “are they going to look for her [with the balloons]?”,  “she come back already [after a framed photo of hers appeared on screen]?”.  Anyway I replied with a “she died because of sickness and old age” throughout the rest of the show no matter how many times he asked. But he still bothered to continue asking, as if he had not heard my reply, or not accepted it as a correct answer.

Before Titus fell asleep, he was crawling on all fours around the room and touching everything he could reach. Don’t you think he looks like Russell here? Haha!

We had to wake him up when the film ended because it was lunch time already!


2 thoughts on “Up

  1. Hi, chanced upon your blog and i was just wondering where is this Clove? Hubby and I have not been to watch movie since our little one comes along and this looks like a nice place to go =)

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