Steamboat dinner

Today we had a steamboat dinner at my mum’s place with quite a lot of people from the extended family because she had to clear up all her CNY food. Titus is enjoying his mealtime as usual. Kaizer wasn’t having a fantastic appetite because I suspect he’s going to fall sick soon (eczema flared up, lots of coughing, puked in the morning). He got by with fishballs, rice and ribena for dinner … and compensated with fruits and biscuits before he went to bed.

The children turned the room into a warzone!

Leticia and Brayven are the boys’ fav cousins. As it is now, they seem to be visting each other almost every other week. I say “seem” because I’m never involved in the gatherings. It’s my mum who will be liasing with their mum/grandma and the gatherings always take place on the days when I am temporarily relieved from my babysitting chores =)


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