Comments from teachers

Recent comments from Titus’ infant teachers …

  • Today we sang the song “rain, rain go away” with actions, teacher made the thunder storm sound. Titus was very interested and smiled. Then we did the art and craft. We made clouds, rain and umbrella. Titus enjoyed tapping the glue paint to make the raindrops. He is scared of touching the fluffy clouds but he loves to play with the umbrella stick. Good job, Titus!
  • Titus was very excited when he saw his family photos on the board. He pointed to himself and his mummy. When A (classmate) stood beside him and started to turn around and dance, Titus followed and turned around. He stood in front of the board for somewhile looking at the photos! Good job!
  • We read a book “Old Macdonald”. Titus listened to different types of animal sounds. He stood beside the teacher and listened attentively. Then Titus took another book and asked teacher to read for him.
  • Titus was sitting at the high chair, finshed his breakfast. He banged the table with water. Teacher told Titus, “Titus, don’t play with water”. He looked at teacher and stopped. He can understand and obey. Good job!

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