Kaizer’s into mazes these two weeks. We don’t watch over his shoulder when he does his “homework” (he calls them “homework”) so some of his pencil marks actually crossed the black lines. He doesn’t like to use an eraser when he’s doing the maze, so if he comes to a dead end, he will backtrack … all the areas with multiple pencil lines are areas which had him trapped for a while.

I am very selective when it comes to purchasing such “homework” books for Kaizer. I only get books with tasks that he can intuitively understand/do without any need to refer to instructions, since he can’t read yet and I don’t want him to run to me every other page to ask me how to do something. Essentially, the main purpose of him doing “homework” (for me at least) is to sit quietly for 15-20 minute stretches without bothering anyone.


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