Finally … a successful visit to the dentist!

I consider it a successful visit because K allowed his dentist at the National Dental Centre (NDC) to polish all twenty of his baby teeth. She shared very dismal news with me though. I can see five cavities with my naked eye, but the dentist’s professional opinion is that only seven of his teeth are totally fine. She’s urging us to strongly consider a day surgery for him that consists of an xray, five nerve treatments, five crowns, five fillings, three sealants and flouride. It’s estimated to be $1921, and if we agree to the day surgery, it would take place in three months time.

We’ve not yet come to an agreement because I’m not very convinced about the need for a day surgery, or the need for so many nerve treatments and crowns. This is because K hasn’t even complained about toothache before. We only bought him to the dentist because we noticed the cavities while flossing for him. I actually think that fillings would suffice and I’m confident that 1 – 2 more successful visits (like the one today) to the dentist will allay his fears for dental treatments sufficiently for him to sit through the filling process(es).

She also shared her professional opinion that he’s likely to need braces in future because already his baby teeth are crowded and his jaw is small, so there ain’t much space for the permanent teeth to grow neatly. She advised that I could start saving up money for him to have braces by the time he’s 13 – 14 years old.

PS: Today’s visit was $37.


6 thoughts on “Finally … a successful visit to the dentist!

  1. OMG – an xray, five nerve treatments, five crowns, five fillings, three sealants and flouride!!! That’s a scary list! Couldn’t be that serious, seriously? Hope you will make the right decision for him.

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    • But we’re changing dentist, so let’s see what the new one will recommend. Going for the next appt at the end of this month.

      Ha, don’t worry, there’s definitely going to be time to catch up. Maybe at #3’s full month party?

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