Staycation at Fort Canning Hotel

Our first “holiday” this year was a 3D2N staycation at the Fort Canning Hotel over the weekend.

We stayed in a Deluxe Garden Room – which was comfortably sized for a couple but really tiny for our family. The fact that there was a huge bath tub in the room (next to the bed) was cool but it actually took up a lot of the room space when it was not in use.

The room came with a very small and pleasant ‘garden’ that functioned as a nice reading corner. However, the garden wasn’t really private as the other side of the garden was a common walkway for hotel staff/guests. K could climb through the very small hole to get to the other side when I asked him to run to the pool to check if it’s crowded, hee.

The hotel is currently carrying out a trial on their in-room movies and until the trial is finished, movies are free of charge. The choices weren’t extensive but the boys found what they liked — Despicable Me (they watched it 4 times!), Shrek Forever, and Megamind. The boys basically had a swell time alternating between lazing on the bed to watching movies (they watched till after 11pm in the photo above!) to visiting the pools.

The three pools were smallish but I really liked them because they were ultra clean and not crowded at all. There was a lap pool (1.2m), a main pool (between 0.9m and 1.7m) and a tiny round children’s pool (0.4m).

The main pool and children’s pool were just next to each other so K could jump between both with his float on.

There was foliage around and T had fun picking up leaves to “cook”.


4 thoughts on “Staycation at Fort Canning Hotel

    • We just stayed in the hotel + made one trip out to Plaza Sing. For the other evening, husband drove out with car to buy dinner at Maxwell market!

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