Exemplary behaviour!

Must give praise when it’s due. After dinner just now, boys set down to play with puzzles while we were cleaning up. K suddenly fished out a Chinese book from the bookshelves and started teaching  his brother to read every word in that book (which he has learnt in class last month). What really impressed me was that both boys had the patience to sit through a 15 minute “lesson” … and K decided to teach English after that!

In the picture above, K is writing numbers while T is sitting next to him (sharing a chair, no less) looking at the words “cat”, “yes” and “dog” that were written by K. The learning method was super funny, because the instruction was for the little brother to say “cat, cat, cat, cat … etc” until the big brother gave him another word to say. Ha!

Such learning activities are great because they require no intervention from the parents (other than sneaking behind them to take photos)! I must certainly encourage them to develop this “lesson” thing into a regular weekday evening activity =)

PS: Will be trying different default sizes for publishing my photos on this and the next few mobile posts.


One thought on “Exemplary behaviour!

  1. D1 been doing that too, i.e reading a book to D2 but D2 have got no patient to sit down. and D1 been writing alot on his own lately

    but i realise if i were to make him sit down and to the worksheets i assign, he will complain of ‘finger ache’ after 5min

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