Happy 60+ Birthday 爷爷!

爷爷 turned 66(?) on Monday! We celebrated his birthday with a small orange cheesecake over the weekend. Boys were only too happy to be able to help in blowing out the candle and cutting the cake. 奶奶 also gave K an angry bird watch on Sunday. K loves the watch very much, but unfortunately it doesn’t withstand tough handling (he pretends its a superhero weapon and a youtube player, among other things) and the clock face shattered just now. Luckily the broken glass shards did not cut anyone at home.


One thought on “Happy 60+ Birthday 爷爷!

  1. Chace also had an angry bird watch from his gramps (3 for $10) which didn’t withstand his rough handling – the face glass/plastic is also shattered… haha!

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