We’re home!

Boys are goofing in the taxi ride on the way home. They were relatively well behaved throughout the short trip. The only inconveniences we experienced were all health related. T had a nosebleed on the second night. K was coughing and wheezing last night, and prob should use the aerochamber when we get home. Both boys puked out their breakfast in the taxi ride from the hotel to the airport this morning. They only ate bananas, so wasn’t a case of allergies but perhaps the cat ride was too long and bumpy. Luckily I had a box and ziploc bag to conyain the puke. Threw away T’s pajama top though, becos it was so gross after absorbing all the puke.

Update at 8.10pm
K had a few drops of blood coming out of his nose about half an hour ago.  Nothing major, so  he went to bed early at 8pm because he skipped his nap today. T slept even earlier at 7.45pm because he too missed his nap. I’m too lazy to sieve through the Penang photos now. Shall go watch my overdue Korean dramas and then post the photos another day =)


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