Review of Golden Sands Resort in Penang

We stayed at Golden Sands Resort on our second and third night in Penang. We paid S$150 (not inclusive of taxes yet) for each night and this was a local resident’s rate that we received through booking directly with the hotel (apparently Singaporeans are also counted as local residents by the hotel). The resort is by Shangri-la and I suspect it was built around the same time as the Shangri-la Resort in Sentosa because the architecture looks so eerily similar. Service was tip top as expected of a Shangri-La property.

Though the facade didn’t look impressive, the interiors of the resort have undergone a major refurbishment in 2009 (didn’t Shangri-la Resort in Sentosa did so too?) and we were very happy with the sea view room that we stayed in. Originally, our booking has been a hill view room but Shangri-la has a membership program that’s free to join online so I did and was able to subsequently get a free upgrade for our room.

Both boys loved hanging out at the pool areas. Other than this pool with the slide, there were two more bodies of water for little children so the resort definitely scored points with me for its child friendly facilities. My only grouse was that this slide dropped into a water body that was 1m deep so T required one of us to wait for him at the base of the slide to “catch” him otherwise he’ll drown. K went up/down the slide with a float so we needn’t had to worry about him.

Right within the resort was Adventure Zone, which is an indoor playground with the scariest slides I’ve ever seen. T was too young to ride on any, while the rest of us were too chicken to try the blue and red (totally vertical!) slides. We spent two hours inside the playground but we only dared to go down the colourful slides, where we were given a gurney sack to slide down in and it went really really fast (for my standards, ha)!

Lots of food choices just at the doorstep of the resort. There was a MacDonalds, KFC, brick and mortar cooked food places, lots of street vendors. There’s also posh dining options at the resort and the neighbouring Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort but of course we didn’t try these with two young children in tow.

All in all, the stay at Golden Sands Resort was really good and I did not regret choosing it over Hard Rock Hotel Penang, though I did spend quite a few days ding donging between both choices! Oh well, I could always try Hard Rock Hotel again the next time we pop by in Penang!


3 thoughts on “Review of Golden Sands Resort in Penang

    • Cat, I think it’s baby-friendly-enough for my standards – but must stick to the shopping malls and licensed restaurants if you need to find clean high chairs, clean drinking water. We didnt experience problems with the toilets, but to play safe, I made T wear diapers whenever he’s out even though he’s daytime-toilet-trained already. There’s a lot of choices for hotels there! If you want to stay right next to a mall, you could consider G Hotel. We stayed there before, and it was quite nice. If you want a resorty holiday, then Golden Sands. If you want a more happening hotel, then Hard Rock Penang.

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