Complaints about toothaches

K started complaining about toothaches already. Since last week? He complains about the pain when his affected teeth undergoes brushing and flossing. He also occasionally complains about the pain at random times in the day. Sometimes he says that his cheeks hurt rather than the teeth/gum hurts. I’ve made up my mind to let him undergo a day surgery and he has agreed to it too (prob under the influence of the pain, he does have a low threshold I think). SGH’s day surgery is cheaper and earlier on 1 Apr 12 while NUH’s day surgery will be at a more convenient location with a dentist I am more comfortable with on 12 Apr 12.

I’ll consider the approx S$2K cost for the surgery as one of his 5 year old birthday present for him! Although what he really wants for his real 5 year old birthday present is a real digital camera. He’s already excitedly told T to make happy faces when the real digital camera arrives.


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