Two busy weeks at work

I had two busy weeks at work. Didn’t manage to bring the boys to the track last week (sad, broke our record of going every week since the year started), didn’t manage to bring them to the library or anywhere else too. Playing at the playground downstairs doesn’t really count for me.

Last Friday I had to stay back till really late so KL took care of the both of them the entire evening. They went to West Coast Park and had Macs for dinner, did the whole nightly routine of bath-milk-books-bed and by the time I came home, both boys were already in dream land. It’s the first time KL managed to take care of them for the whole evening *claps*.

Yesterday night I had to go back to the office for a few hours after the boys went off to sleep. T woke KL up at about 3+am because he was looking for me. It took a lot of effort for KL to coax him back to bed –> two milk feeds, a lot of crying, a walk around the house (to confirm that I was really not at home), a call to me, sleeping next to KL.

Today I didn’t go to work and I thought I could make up by bringing the boys to the pool in the afternoon. But alas, it rained so heavily just as we were picking them up from school that swimming will just have to be pushed back to the weekend then.


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