There’s a few cases of HFMD in the boys’ school recently. T was sent home yesterday at noon time because the teachers discovered a spot on his tongue during routine checks. He had no fever and no other spots to we just kept him at home and to be really safe, he slept in my room instead of with K. He cried a few times at night and by the time he woke up in the morning, we saw more spots on the tongue and the lower lip. K has now been sent to my mum’s house so that they will be separated.

T is lethargic and drooling a lot. He has occasional outbursts whenever the ulcers on his tongue/lips hurts. He took 4ml of panadol syrup and a 1.5 hour nap just now. Between 9am – 12noon, he’s had 300+ ml of apple juice and water, watermelon juice and a handful of cheerios. He didn’t want to eat anything else and we just left it as that because the ulcers are obviously hurting him.

Oh yah, and he watched an uncountable number of Pororo video clips on YouTube already! I searched through my blog for the last time K had HFMD, that was in August 2009 and there weren’t any ulcers on his throat/mouth but his eczema got very ugly.


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