Could it get any worse?

Yes, it did. T had a nosebleed that lasted more than 10 minutes just after he woke up from his afternoon nap. The first 2 minutes or so, he was hysterically going about the house and dripping blood all over. Refused to let me carry him or calm him down. Only when I sat him on the highchair in front of the computer to watch YouTube (favourite character for today was Cocomong) did he calm down enough for the blood to clot (as in the first picture where I’m not even touching his nose but just waiting for it to clot by itself).

No more new spots on the lips but the ones in the tongue seem to be bigger today. To save himself some pain, he’s been zipping his mouth shut (as in the second picture) and speaking really sparingly. He had two bouts of diarrhoea today also. Luckily, there isn’t any threat of dehydration because he’s taken more than 500ml of his NAN HA milk today, more than 200ml of apple juice + water, and half a small cup of soya bean milk. He couldn’t tolerate any solid food though, as in he didn’t even want to try because of the pain. He hasn’t allowed us to brush his teeth or rinse his mouth for days already … I’m quite certain that his teeth might decay if his spots don’t heal within the next couple of days.

We bought him to the GP downstairs in the evening. GP refused to label him as a HFMD case because he had no spots on his hands and no spots on his feet and GP “did not want to add to the MOH statistics”?!??!??! He did give out 5 days of MC though, and told us to return 5 days later for  a letter certifying he’s free to go back to school.


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