Eating with a vengeance!

After many days w/out eating solid food, he’s eating with a vengeance now! Yesterday he had hash brown for breakfast, pasta for lunch, biscuits and juice for tea, rice and fish and soup and watermelon for dinner. Today he had biscuits for breakfast, fried rice (according to K) for lunch, pasta (again!) and fries for dinner.


2 thoughts on “Eating with a vengeance!

  1. Catching up and OMG I’m so sorry to hear about how sick Titus got! What’s causing the nosebleeds though? Hope you’ve gotten some rest too!

    • I have no idea on the root cause of the bleeds, but I did have nosebleeds when I was young too.

      I rested fairly okay, cos husband and me took 1/2 day shifts each to take care of the sick boy. He’s not sick now, but likes to claim he is “sick” whenever he doesn’t want to go to school, doesn’t want to brush his teeth, doesn’t want to sleep alone etc … ha!

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