Random conversations with a two year old

18 Dec 11

KL: Pearly bells …
T: Noooo, pearly shells from the ocean shining in the sun covering the shore when I see them my heart tells me I love you more than all the little pearly shells (in 10 seconds flat, we timed him)

8 Feb 12

Me: T, what do you want to be when you grow up?
T: (Silence)
Me: A teacher?
T: No
Me: A doctor?
T: No
Me: A monkey?
T: Yes
Me: A dinousaur?
T: Yes

24 Mar 12

(KL is using a water hose to wash the car, and there’s lots of water puddles on the floor)
T: Papa is washing the car and the floor.

27 Mar 12

(We were walking away from the restaurant after a hearty pasta dinner)
T: I like food, mama.
Me: What about kor kor? Does he like food?
T: Say yes, kor kor.
K: Noooo.
T: Yummy. The food there. (pointing to restaurant)


2 thoughts on “Random conversations with a two year old

    • He did! I have it on video, that’s why can time him. In fact, he was singing it clearer than his older brother who also attempted to sing as fast as he could.

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