Hort Park on 4 Apr 12

We visited the park to feed fishes after the birthday celebration in school ended. It was such a hot afternoon but the boys found shady spots to sit where they could comfortably feed the fishes.

This picture shows how close the boys can get to the fishes. The big water splashes on the adjacent slab were caused by a huge arowana trying to leap out of the water, after having its body hit by the bread bits that the boys threw. Fierce!


3 thoughts on “Hort Park on 4 Apr 12

  1. You must stay close to them. Because incident like the Huge arowana leaping out of the waterto snatch bread

  2. Msg not ended. If the huge arowana leap out of the water, it may cause a shock to the boys and they might move their body aside and incidentally fall into the pond. Then how ?????

  3. The pond is very shallow, even if they fall in they will only be ankle deep in the water. So it’s not super dangerous. Anyway, at least one of us is always around the stone slab area. So 100% no chance of drowning!

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