Boys in Johor Bahru

T liked the window view very much. He wants the curtains to be drawn open the moment he gets up and he always likes to snack by the window. K likes to count how many people are in the pool.

First for T in this trip – using a float in the water. First for K in this trip – wearing goggles (only in the tub, didn’t try in the pool).

Me and the boys in the pool on the first day, where the hotel wasn’t so crowded yet.

On the Hotel’s shuttle bus on the way to a mall.

We found a children’s play area at a nearby mall which kept the boys happily occupied for a while. This is T’s favourite position nowadays, lying face down on the floor.

K picking out the Ben 10 toy that he wants. There are too many choices so he has to lay them out to choose. We were responsible and packed them nicely back on the shelves before we left.

Boys sitting on the bed to watch cartoons on Disney Channel. On the second night, Disney Channel showed E.T. and K happily watched the entire show before his bedtime. T fell asleep halfway through, which is good because he’s a little freaked out by the E.T. character.

Me and KL at dinnertime in the hotel restaurant. K is beside me and T is behind me, but we didn’t bother to include them in the picture because they were too engrossed playing with the iPhones.


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