Review of Thistle Johor Bahru

We decided to go to Johor Bahru because we wanted a short staycation/holiday but since it was the Good Friday long weekend, we didn’t want to fork out extra for expensive accommodation in Singapore or ferry tickets to Bintan/Batam. We found out about Thistle Johor Bahru from tripadvisor and since it was only minutes away from the Causeway, this made it very attractive to consider because its our very first time driving into Johor Bahru. The entire car journey from Bouna Vista to Thistle Johor Bahru on Thursday (when there wasn’t a jam) took us only 40 minutes!

Most of the reviewers on tripadvisor liked the pool and gym in the hotel. So did we! The white thing in between the second and third body of water is actually a slide so the boys had fun going up and down at least 2o times! Its a pity the children’s section of the pool was 0.9m tall and not shallower so the boys couldn’t get down to waddle in the water.

We had a Deluxe room with 2 large beds that was able to fit all four of us. Ours had a sea view that was able to look across the Malaysia/Singapore straits. Wifi was not available in the room, though KL was able to receive M1 signals on his phone.

We were able to see the sun set from our room, so the boys had fun watching the sun “disappear”.

Food at the hotel was not fancy. Buffet breakfast had an adequate but not extensive spread. Room service menu was so-so but the dishes were served on a table that’s rolled into your room (with flowers) so that was quite nice!

We tried the buffet dinner at the Glass restaurant on the second night. Like the buffet breakfast, the spread was adequate but not extensive. What was really sweet was this Filipino quartet who dropped by every table to sing. They sang a birthday song for K and a love song for us (I think it’s a love song even though I’ve never heard it before).


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