Day surgery to fix teeth

We went for a day surgery today to fix his teeth. Arrived at the hospital at 7am. He went on GA at 8.30am shortly after this picture was taken. Surgery lasted till 10.15am, and he received:

  • 5 crowns/nerve treatments (molars)
  • 4 fillings
  • 2 sealants
  • Flouride (yellow, all around)
  • Enamel stripping (bottom incisors)


He was hysterical and inconsolable for half an hour after he woke up because of the pain and strange new sensations in the mouth. His hands were flying all over the place, struggling to break free from me, prying into his mouth to try to yank the crowns off, pulling at the IV bandage on his palm etc. Thankfully he calmed down after the nurse removed his hand bandage, after we went back to the recovery ward, after I changed him out of the hospital gown, and after he sat on my lap to sip cold water and watch cartoons on Cartoon Network. As there were no open wounds (because no teeth was extracted), I was able to feed him chicken porridge and ribena by 1pm. He was quite hungry by then (because he was fasting from 12 midnight onwards) and finished 2/3 of an adult’s portion. He was assessed to be recovering well by 2.30pm and we made our way home an hour later. He took a bath, did some math, played with toys, and started rummaging the fridge for food at 5.30pm because he was hungry. In the end, I gave in and allowed him to eat before Titus came home (usually we will all eat together at dinner time) … and he finished half a plate of chicken porridge in minutes. He took his milk and fruits as per usual and went to bed at 9.30pm.

Overall, the day surgery itself was not a traumatic experience for him. We talked about anesthesia before a few times, and we talked about how he needs the crowns now (during tonight’s reading) to keep the dentine/nerves safe. He’s still irked by the crowns but he’s quite able to accept that they’ll stay in his mouth till he’s 10-12 years old when the molars drop out.

The most terrible thing from today’s surgery, in my opinion, is that the surgery ironically caused his teeth to be unbearably hideous looking now. Previously, I could see the decays in between the molars but those are quite “hidden” from plain sight and only become obvious if you’re the one who’s flossing his teeth. Now, the crowns are so obvious looking and hideous hideous hideous. The stripped enamels on the bottom incisors are also hideous, even though they were purposely stripped for a good cause – to prevent food from getting trapped there because of overcrowding in the small jaw.


7 thoughts on “Day surgery to fix teeth

  1. Kudos to K for going through surgery! I would most likely freak out. still yet to overcome my dentist phobia. D1 happily went for his check up and i must say he is one weird boy whom totally enjoy the process!

    • I wore braces when I was much younger, so even though I don’t enjoy visiting the dentist very much, I actually visited the dentist many many times in my life!

      It’s good for D to not have any phobia =) Hopefully D2 will be good with dentists also. Titus cannot even stand me flossing his teeth so I don’t think he’s ready to sit still on the dentist chair yet.

  2. I could never go thru what Kaizer did. It’ll freak me out totally for sure for the longest time. He is truly a brave boy. Kids nowsaday behave differently from us when we were kids. In this situation, Kaizer did extremely well 😀

    • I thought he was brave also. Hope there won’t be any more decay till 12 – 14 years old when he gets his full set of permanent teeth.

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