Eating in Bangkok

I’m back from a 5D4N holiday in Bangkok! It’s one of the many holidays that we’re trying to cram into the year before KL starts school in August 2012.

The boys didn’t come along so it was a totally relaxing trip for us. Since the destination was Bangkok, we spent a big chunk of our waking time eating and thinking what to eat next. I also managed to read quite a bit because the boys weren’t around to disturb me. I finished Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games a few days before I left for Bangkok, so I continued with Catching Fire and Mockingjay when I was in Bangkok. The series is so so so addictive that I had a hard time prying myself away when it’s meal times! I’m also more than halfway through Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf, though I think I can finish up the book only when the weekend arrives.

The boys camped for 5D4N at their grandparents’ place. When I was driving them home just now and I was asking them how the past few days went, T answered “watch Cocomong and play Angry Birds”. K answered “play iPhone, play iPad, play computer, watch TV”. K also said it’s funner than school and that he doesn’t have to pack up after he finishes playing with his toys. And before I forget to mention, when I walked into my parents’ place just now, after not having seen me for many days, the first thing T did was to run to my mum and said “I want to stay in por por house” and then he cried because he knew I was going to bring him home. Guess this means they had a fantastic 5D4N break from me at their grandparents’ place (just as I did from them), ha! So grateful for my parents for babysitting them for so many days!


8 thoughts on “Eating in Bangkok

  1. Lucky you!! My MIL will probably freak out if we were to do even a 1 night staycation!

    do blog more on your BKK trip.. which hotel you stayed?

    • We stayed at Luxx XL Hotel for first two nights, and Hansar Hotel for the next two nights. Hansar was really nice. If I’m not too lazy after catching up with my Korean dramas, maybe I blog a few pics of the really nice Hansar.

    • You’re right, everyone had a good 5 day break! Except the grandparents who must have had their hands full for 5 days.

    • Will you guys be free in the last two weeks of May? We could drop by your house for dinner and to play …

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