Quickie dip at the pool

And the answer …. the boys went for a quickie dip at the pool! The pool’s just across a small road from the track and I first spotted it a few weeks back. Didn’t think I would bring the boys there on a weekday because there’s so much swimming things to pack (clothes, towels, floats, bathing things) whenever we visit the pool and I thought since it’s only a tiny pool, it didn’t seem like it’ll be worth my effort to specially bring the boys there for a dip after my jogging sessions.

However, we so happened to have the floats in the car today. And I had towels and extra clothes (albeit dirty ones from the morning) from the boys’ schoolbags. Of course nobody – not even the grouchy little boy in the family – protested when I spontaneously suggested that they can go visit the pool. T was initially reluctant to jump in with his normal pants because he said “my pants will get wet” but he couldn’t resist for long after seeing his brother playing in the water. Other than the floats, boys also played with an old and tattered tennis ball that K found on the field earlier. When it was time to go home (20 min passed so fast!), I rinsed the boys at the water sprinklers quickly (told them to turn 2 rounds and that’s it), dried them, dressed them in their dirty morning clothes, and we managed to make it back home for dinner around our usual time.

Some of the good things that I’ve discovered about this pool is that since it’s tiny, it’s manageable and safe enough to let the boys play on their own w/out any parent going into the water with them. Boys could walk comfortably with their shoulders above the water even if they didn’t have the floats because other than the steps, the tiny pool is only 0.6m deep. But just to be safe, I called out to T a few times to keep his float on. Both me and KL didn’t step a foot into the water because we were super lazy to remove our socks and shoes. I had a bit of fun people watching … so many things were happening at the same time – swim trials (for first year students I assume), water polo training, students walking in and out of the pool area/cafeteria/gym area!

Next week I’ll try to budget for more than 20 min at the pool. Maybe I’ll get the boys to snack when I run on the track so that they can stand having a later dinner. Then I might run four rounds really fast instead of six rounds at my usual comfortable speed.


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