Random conversations with a two (and a half) year old

15 Apr 12, 9.45am
Me: Titus, we are going to the pool
T: Are we going to another hotel?

15 Apr 12, lunch time
T: Mama, clean my fingers
(I wiped pasta sauce off his fingers with a wet tissue)
T: … and my whiskers.
(I burst out laughing)
Me: Titus, you are not a cat. Those are cheeks, not whiskers.
(KL spent quite a while at lunch that day disturbing T about his whiskers!)

19 Apr 12, going to bed time
T: The doggie shake its head in the lift today.
T: I didn’t bite the doggie.
K: What happens if you bite the doggie? (Question directed at me)
Me: (Explains yadda yadda yadda) … so don’t try it okay?
T: I didn’t try to bite the doggie.

26 Apr 12, 9.15pm
(T said he wanted to drink milk, so I walked to the kitchen to make him a bottle. On the way back to his room, I stopped at the study room to talk to KL.)
T: Make milk mama, don’t talk.

7 May 12, 8.00pm
Me: Titus, pack the lego set (… repeated myself many times)
T: I pack one Lego already.
(He really literally packed one piece and scooted off to play, leaving all the other pieces in a mess on the floor still)

(New) 8 May 12, dinner time
T: I look at sindery.
(He means he can see scenery from his high chair because we had a window seat at Clementi Swensons at dinner time.)


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