Deep cut on the forehead

As was mentioned in the previous post, the deep cut from his forehead came about because he tumbled four steps while we were on holiday. He was on his way to the pool but couldn’t manage walking down the stairs and holding his float at the same time. Luckily I had a stash of plasters with me so we could stop the wound from bleeding too much. With the plaster on (we changed it every time he bathed), we continued to bring him to the pool, playground, school and basically carried on our normal activities except that he was not allowed to play rough games with the brother/father.

The wound bled on and off on Saturday whenever it was aggravated (mostly by his little curious fingers). Bleeding stopped by Sunday. Blue black marks and and some smallish spots of pus (not inside the wound, but in surrounding area) appeared on Monday. To us parents, the wound appears to be getting better and we hope a scab will form naturally. But his teachers in school are insistent that we bring him to the doc because they don’t want to risk another accident with his classmates banging into him, poking his wound etc. Class teacher who is an ex nurse estimates that he’ll need about five stitches. We’ll bring him to NUH A&E tomorrow morning to get an assessment. Learnt from the NUH nurse over the phone that if he needs stitches, he’ll probably need to be sedated and it’ll be a 1 – 2 hour visit at the hospital.


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