Morning trip to NUH A&E

We bought T to NUH A&E this morning. The doctors on duty felt that the wound was already recovering on its own. He could not receive any stitches because it’s more than 24 hours since the fall and bacteria would have entered the wound. Stitches usually have to be administered within the first 8 hours. For the same reason, he couldn’t be glued up (hospital has glue which is as strong as stitches).

In the end, the nurse on duty used steri-strips (thin adhesive strips) to pull the skin on both sides of the wound very close together so that there won’t be too big a scar. The strips were secured using a transparent film. We’ve gotta go down to NUH plastic surgery clinic in three days time to change the dressing.

There were more spots with pus around the wound this morning. Doctors concluded that the cause could be a combination of oil glands, blood, sensitive skin (since he had eczema before), chlorine (because we went swimming after he fell), sweat (because we went to the playground after he fell). They prescribed fucidin cream, but we’ve yet to apply it.

We were instructed to keep the steri-strips dry for three days. But that’s quite an impossible task because he’s quite a sweaty person in general. I’ve already cut the hair around his wound. KL also tried to keep him in an air conditioned room today (because both of them were at home together today) but minutes ago when I snapped this picture, I noticed that there are already wet spots inside the strips. If KL is able to make his way to a pharmacy tomorrow to get a box of 3M steri-strips, I think we could attempt to change the dressing ourselves tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Morning trip to NUH A&E

    • Thanks. They’re quite hardy little things, so I hope he won’t take too long to heal. Can’t go and play with water for a week though.

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