Happy Birthday to Me!

KL and me celebrated both our birthdays and wedding anniversary this weekend. For the past few years, we’ve always managed to squeeze in an overseas trip to celebrate our birthdays, but it’s quite hard to do so this year with so many things happening in the family. But luckily in between the daily trips to the hospital and constant ferrying of the children to/from my mum’s place, KL and I managed to sit down for two nice long meals. I also managed to go for a 9km jog, watch my Korean dramas, buy shoes, and catch up on my sleep!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

    • Thanks! Things are getting better. Can start planning for a getaway with the children soon after my dad is discharged =)

  1. Hi Jane,

    Happy birthday to you and KL!

    Hope things get back on track soon, take care!! I know i stay very far from, but if you need help to babysit the boys on the weekend, let me know ya, i am sure i can manage 🙂

    • Don’t worry, my mum takes care of the boys superbly well over the weekend so that we can visit my dad. She’ll go visit on the weekdays when we take care of the boys.

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