Still in hospital …

My last post was on Wednesday. It’s Sunday now but my dad is still in hospital. On Thursday, it was found that his wound contained multidrug-resistant bacteria (MRSA) so the boys can’t go to hospital to visit him anymore. On Friday after his op, it was found that the joint below his right palm contained yet more pus so he has another op scheduled on the coming Monday. I’ve been making daily trips to the hospital the past few days. Helped him connect to the Internet so that he’ll be able to check his mails, read news online, read my blog, play a few games while he’s hospitalized (for how long, we don’t know yet).

As for the rest of the family, Christine’s been out of the hospital for a few days already and she’s resting at her own home so that her parents can help care for her. Titus’ wound is healing slowly and there’s no more pus in the area around his right eyebrow already. We didn’t bring him for a follow up at the hospital since there wasn’t a need to. But we’re heeding the first doc’s advice to avoid swimming for at least a week. Guess he’ll be all good to visit the pool again this coming weekend. Our washing machine is still spoilt and Borsch is able to send someone to have a look at it only at the end of the month.

Have a few pictures of my dad in the hospital and of his wound underneath the bandage but those are too graphic to post here. Shall leave you all with a random pic of his Friday dinner at the hospital …


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