Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum (2012)

The three of us visited the Singapore Art Museum today! I wanted to bring the boys to the Art Garden because K really enjoyed it last year, so much so that we visited it twice.

Unfortunately, I have to say that this year’s artwork installations are not as arresting, attractive or interactive. The first room required us to put on protective covering on our shoes before we could step in. Boys didn’t want to, so we skipped it. Subsequently, we ended up skipping many other rooms because either one (or both of them) didn’t want to go in.

Each entry ticket entitles you to a complimentary flower-shaped magnet that you can decorate with pegs/clips/keys. Your own decor will set in about 1/2 day later after the clay hardens. We spent a little while watching some 12-year-old girls (on a school outing) decorating their flowers …

… and managed to make some “scratchings” on ours. These flowers (slightly deformed after they were crushed by numerous things in my bag) are sitting on our fridge now!

Ironically the most interactive room for the boys wasn’t one that purposely featured artwork installations but rather a room with chairs and printouts and colour pencils for drawing/colouring.

Boys were quite engrossed with colouring today …

… so we ended up with all of these.

T wanted to play with the velcro pieces in the dress me up room but K refused to go in. In fact last year K didn’t want to go into the dress me up room too. Same reason that he gave this time round — dressing up is for girls. He sat outside the corridor to munch on an apple while he waited for us to finish.

My fav part of the Art Garden would be the black and white murals that decorate the stairways. It appealed to me because there’s bits of grotesque, kitsch, nice, modern all rolled into one and it’s also the biggest piece of Malay-ish artwork I’ve ever seen. But then I don’t think it’ll appeal to any young child! Hiyahz it would have been better to decorate the stairways with bursts of colour or even something tactile.

Anyway, my boys stuck around the stairway with me because I wanted to snap pics. Might as well ask them to pose for me … K is imitating the man on the boat while T is trying to help the man “watch something”.

This was another one of those rooms they refused to enter. We had to go through two black curtains to get to this room and when they saw the white things moving on the black wall, they screamed (don’t know which person screamed first, but the other one promptly followed). Can’t blame them, the white things looked like a pile of skulls to me from afar.

One of the highlights for K today was to watch the animations because he still could remember last year’s scarecrow story. While he enjoyed the animations, I have some grouses that this year’s clips are way too short (more than half are just 1 min long ?!?) and most are propaganda-ish (those 1 min clips are prepped for some National Defence competition). Surely, there could be a better place for those clips than at a children’s art exhibition? And surely the curators could have found more arty farty clips (don’t have to have any nation building theme, for goodness sake!) for more variety in the animations.

Boys chased ping pong balls around this donut shaped table for a while after we exited the main exhibition area. Then we took the train to Habourfront for a really late udon lunch.

After lunch, we bought a tub of mango sorbet and took a double decker bus home. K was quite worried that his sorbet would melt in the hot sun!

That wasn’t the end of our day yet. We still had 2 hours to dinner time so we met up with KL and all four of us went to the pool!

K is still fascinated with the sight that his newly-found goggles offers under the water so he kept going under the water a lot today.

We also collected our laundry before dinner. Seriously, I’ve never had my clothes folded so nicely before. The washing + drying + folding costed us $3.50 per kg (minimum 4 kg at this laundry shop). Not too sure what’s the market rate but this shop is the nearest one that we could find that’s nearby my office/the boys’ school.


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