Updates from school and the hospital

K was sullen when I arrived in school to pick him up today. Turned out that just a while ago, he and another male classmate were caught pushing each other in the toilet cubicle (which is tiny, I wonder how they can both squeeze in and still push each other around) because both wanted to pee at the same time and both claimed that the other was cutting the queue. The teacher had to separate them. When I asked what happened, there were a lot of chatty classmates trying to offer their take on the incident … including an amusing female classmate who claimed blah blah blah happened, but probably doesn’t know the whole story because the male and female toilets are separate, ha! Anyway, both boys had their own version of the story of course and were made to apologize to each other but K didn’t want to shake his friend’s hand before we left the school. I’m going to have to remind him to do so tomorrow, no matter whose fault it is.

Good news from my hospital front. My dad was informed that he can be discharged tomorrow after his dialysis! He has been taught to exercise his injured hand hourly. There are 13 stitches on his hand now. He will also be prescribed four bottles of antibiotics to be administered after his dialysis sessions.

And before I forget to note it down here, K had a nosebleed yesterday morning on our way for breakfast before the art museum visit.


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