Army Open House

I was reading last year’s post on the Art Museum when I realized that I have not gone on a date with K yet this year. So we trooped down to the Army Open House this morning, leaving KL and T at home.

He couldn’t play any of the games in the carnival zone because he’s below 120cm. So we spent most of our time around the vehicles where he could climb on and basically touch anything that he sees. He’s on a vehicle that washes clothes. It’s one of those few vehicles that did not have any queue to get on.

K is waiting for his turn to get into the drivers’ seat of this tank cum raft vehicle.

Pretending to aim with the weapon on the tank cum raft vehicle.

At the back control area of the tank cum raft vehicle.

In the driver’s seat of a military police car.

He was honking so many times that a lot of people were looking his way and I finally had to pull him away when a woman nearby said “stop” very irritably!

Checking out a wheel on the back of a military ambulance.

Receiving instructions from a friendly soldier to hoist the bed down and up.

Using an iPad to surf some 3G soldier’s curriculum.

On board a military police motorcycle and fiddling with the parts.

He shot something loud out of this gun!

Trying out some simulation thing that looks like one of KL’s computer game screens.

In front of a computer and screen where you can control an unmanned aerial vehicle.


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