Bits and Pieces of May 2012

Boys are playing in the playground below 奶奶’s flat on a hot afternoon. Can you spot K from one of the holes?

I made a computer for T out of some lego blocks. He was trying to type “c o c o” so that he can watch Cocomong.

First time I tried the spinach lasagna at Swensons and I thought it tasted really nice!

I was all dressed to hit the track but then it started pouring heavily after I picked the boys up from school. Bummer. We skipped two (or is it three?) weekday track sessions this month because of T’s wound. I had to make up by running a lil extra over the weekends.

On Mother’s Day, me and the boys celebrated with ice cream after dinner at Cold Rock Ice Creamery at Holland V. Boys were super pleased that they could eat everything you see in the pic here – mango sorbet, berries, waffle – w/out any allergic reaction!

It started out as an innocuous piece of blu-tack (probably it’s from school and from K’s blu-tack snitching phase some time ago). Then K patiently morphed it into tons of little blu-tac balls! It was really quite a sight. We threw everything away after K went to bed that night.

KL and me didn’t have our regular b-day celebration with the family this year because on the b-day weekend, my dad was in hospital and sis-in-law was back in her parents’ place to rest. We settled for a really small celebration in our own home … small cupcakes for me and KL while the boys devoured mango jellies.

Mother’s day cards that the boys bought home from school.

PS: The other big thing that happened in May was of the washing machine breaking down. It was fixed last Friday for S$175 because our warranty has expired already.


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