Road trip in Malaysia in June 2012

We’re back from our road trip to Malaysia. We drove up to Malacca, stayed two nights there, drove up to Port Dickson, stayed another two nights there, and then drove back to Singapore. We bought a GPS two weeks ago since we’re driving into Malaysia quite often nowadays … and with the GPS on this trip, getting around is so easy!

From Singapore to Malacca, we took 2 hours 20 minutes. This included one pee stop, one poo stop and one petrol stop. From Malacca to Port Dickson, we took 2 hours even though we’re supposed to take half that time, because we were caught in a heavy rain and had to drive extremely slowly through small windy roads. One pee stop and one petrol stop for this leg. From Port Dickson back to Singapore, we took 4 hours 30 minutes. This included two pee stops, one poo stop and one petrol stop.

All in all, the boys were well behaved on the road. Nobody asked for the iPhone so nobody offered it to them. No electronic entertainment was available in the car other than the two CDs that we have — Letterland and Angela Zhang’s Pandora (潘朵拉). I wouldn’t mind if we get more CDs but the boys don’t care for variety. Things that they did on the road … K snacked a lot, kept asking “how long more” before we reach xxx or yyy place based on the countdown meter on the GPS, talked a lot about anything and everything, and cloud-watched quite a bit. T snacked a lot also, took naps, flipped his Letterland book, played with a penguin toy, hummed to the songs on the CD player.

Whenever we needed a respite from K’s non-stop talking, we would get the boys to play the quiet game … who speaks first, who loses. Even though speaking is not allowed, other noises like laughing, sneezing, coughing, snorting, snoring, farting are allowed. In the picture above, both boys are getting each other to laugh in the hope that someone will start speaking first. T is always the loser in all our rounds of the quiet game!


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