iPhone, iPad and avocado

What does the iPhone, iPad and avocado have in common? They are the indulgences that my boys get whenever they stay over with the grandparents on weekends. Photos below were taken with por por’s new digital camera. She specially told me to upload the photo that has Kaizer looking grown up, and the one of Titus eating his avocado with gusto. 


3 thoughts on “iPhone, iPad and avocado

  1. How are their eyesights? Adam is on the ipad regularly. he recently has to go for further check up at HPB. I’m worried he would have to wear specs. as it already is, both his parents are both dependent on specs!

    • They use the iPhone and iPad only on weekends and holidays. But I suspect that they can use up to 2 hour stretches at a go if they’re at my mum’s place. I received a letter to check Kaizer’s eyes from the school. Think it’s a routine check arranged by school? I don’t think his short sighted, as yet. I don’t wear specs, neither does my brother. But my husband wears specs though.

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