Random conversations with a two (almost three) year old

9 May 12, 7.30pm
(Boys are playing hide-and-seek with KL after their bath)
T: He’s not in the toilet bowl.
Me: Your papa is not a piece of poo poo. He will not be in the toilet bowl.
(Minutes later …)
T: He’s there! Not in the toilet bowl.

Monday morning in May, 7.00am
(T woke up screaming because sunshine was streaming into his room)
T: I want to offfffffffffff the light!

27 May 12, in the car
T: The car is getting bigger.
Me: 作梦 ah.
KL: 这种东西也要 record, siao.
(Cos I whipped out my phone to jot down the funny thing that T just said)

24 Jun 12, recounted by Por Por
(Por Por was smelling T at her house)
Por Por: 臭臭
T: I 臭臭, you love me right?
Por Por: Yes
(Por Por kisses T’s forehead)

4 Jul 12, 6.00pm in the car
Me: I love you.
Can’t remember K or T: I love you too.
Me: I love you three.
K: (catching on the game) I love you five.
Me: I love you eight.
(many many numbers later)
K: I love you five hundred and …
T: I love you eleventeen.


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