School uniforms

Class photo taking today. Boys are decked in school uniform. K always goes to school in uniforms because he’s already in K1. But T only goes to school in uniform like once a year, during class photo taking day, ha! Click on this link to compare how their looks have changed (or not) in the past year.

image   image

image   image


6 thoughts on “School uniforms

  1. They allow T to put on the older uniform? My kid’s school doesn’t allow it. Double standard. 😦
    Yup, K looks pretty tall. 🙂

    • Actually they never say I can’t, so I just assume that I can. Too expensive to buy another set of new uniforms when it’s only worn once a year!

    • Slipping on a t-shirt is so much easier, that’s the main reason for me. And he’s going to be wearing a uniform for many many years of his life in future, so for now, can don’t wear first, I’ll not wear it for him first unless the school tells me to.

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