Drinking milk like a baby


It’s been a month since I successfully weaned T off his night feeds. It started with me (honest mistake) forgetting to bring his milk bottles along to Malacca/Port Dickson, so whenever he woke up for milk at night (usually once but maximum twice), I offered to let him drink through a straw cup. He would cry a lot (because milk bottle was missing), take a few sips sitting up (because he has no other choice), decide it was too troublesome, and drop back to sleep. After the third night, he stopped waking up for milk. Once we got back to Singapore, I hid all the milk bottles in the store room and voila! He’s not woken up for any night feeds nor ask for his milk bottle anymore!

Except that at my mum’s place on weekends (where the photos were taken), he still gets to use a milk bottle for his night feed or early morning feed. I should get her to throw the milk bottles away someday soon, before he turns three years old.


2 thoughts on “Drinking milk like a baby

  1. I’m having problems weaning Shin from the bottle too. She has been refusing milk..we just let her be. I hid the bottles too!

    • The earlier to wean, the easier it is I think … but every child is different I guess. You might be successful weaning her off when you try later =)

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