Alphabet pasta dinner

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The boys had alphabet pasta, nuggets and broccoli for dinner just now. For some reason, T really liked the broccoli. He finished and wanted more, so I gave him mine and he still wanted more so I started stealing from K’s plate. K had earlier complained that the broccoli was not nice (no oil, no salt, not very soft, I just left it in the happycall pan for a while and served it) but upon hearing that I was going to give it to the little brother, K promptly finished up all the broccoli on his plate. Now, this is an instance where I wouldn’t mind having some sibling rivalry/jealousy at home! As long as the broccoli gets wiped out …

T came home from school with a slightly red left eye. According to KL who picked him up, the red eye was there since morning.

K had a nosebleed on Monday morning and another nosebleed after dinner just now. Thankfully, the recent nosebleeds are not the blood-gushing-out and serious type, but still, they are an inconvenience whenever they appear.


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