Breakfast on weekdays

image   image   
On weekdays, boys always eat fruits the first thing in the morning. For T, it’s usually banana or avocado (subject to availability of course). For K, it’s whatever I can find in the fridge, and the range can include strawberries, cherries, grapes, dragonfruit, and apples. After fruits, they’ll continue with biscuits, bread, or buns on the car ride to school. For K, he’ll stop eating the moment we reach school. For T, he usually sits down in school and continues eating a while more even after I’ve bade him goodbye.

Both pics were taken this morning. T is very cute in the first pic because looks almost like the monkey on his t-shirt! As for the second pic, K had almost finished the apple that I gave him, but T refused to let us throw it away because he wanted to gnaw on it some more after his banana. T’s looking upwards because I told him to “look up” (actually I meant look up at the camera phone).


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